How to Make a Graduation Card with Microsoft Word

If you want to congratulate a graduate with a personalized message, then try making your own greeting card on your computer. Often times greeting cards cannot convey the right message that you want to say, and you have to handwrite your own message onto the card. By using Microsoft Word, you can type the message directly onto the card, and add other personalized touches such as photographs and inspirational quotes.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word (for PC)
  • Printer
  • Card stock


    • 1

      Open Microsoft Word. From the "File Menu," select "New." Once the dialogue box opens, select "Greeting Cards" under "Microsoft Office Online."

    • 2

      Click on "Occasions and Events" from the list that populates after you click "Greeting Cards." Choose a graduation greeting card, or download a greeting card template from Microsoft Office's website.

    • 3

      Change the text on the greeting card. Make the card personalized by adding the graduate's name or a personalized message. Change the text on the template by clicking on the text, or add a new text box by clicking on "Insert" and then choosing "Text Box." Change the text style, font, color and size by selecting the "Home" tab.

    • 4

      Insert graphics or clip art onto the greeting card. Delete any images on the template that you do not want to use by right-clicking on the graphic and selecting "Cut." Click on the "Insert" tab to select "Picture" or "Clip Art." When you select "Picture," you will need to locate the graphic on your hard drive. By selecting "Clip Art," a search box will appear, and you can insert clip art provided by Microsoft Word.

    • 5

      Save the greeting card to protect your hard work. From the "File Menu," select "Save" and choose a location on your computer to save your work.

    • 6

      Print the graduation card out using your home printer. From the "File Menu," select "Print." Change your printer settings to print with "Best Quality" for a professional looking greeting card. Use heavy card stock so that the card does not look cheap.

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