How to Soften Up Combat Boots


Nothing takes a dress from saccharine sweet to perfectly delicious like a funky pair of tights and a pair of basic black combat boots. If jeans are more your style, throw on a pair of boots with your favorite worn-out denims and a form-fitting tee, and you'll be downright irresistible. Unfortunately, combat boots tend to be stiff and clunky when they're new, and the flat-foot robot walk doesn't do much for your general look. Before you can strut your stuff, you need to get those boots softened up.

Things You'll Need

  • Athletic shoes or another pair of boots
  • Mink oil paste
  • Soft cloth
  • Hold the boot in your hands. Grasp the sole near the toe in one hand, and in the other grasp the upper part, just above where your ankle would be. The heel should be pointing down so the boot resembles a V.

  • Press your hands toward each other so the boot folds up.

  • Repeat steps one and two with both boots. Fold each boot repeatedly for at least fifteen minutes per boot.

  • Stand the boots up on the floor. Walk across the tops of them, preferably while wearing shoes with substantial soles, like a running shoe or another boot. Repeat this activity for another fifteen minutes.

  • Use the cloth to absorb a small amount of mink oil, about enough to cover the tips of two or three fingers.

  • Rub each boot with mink oil, using the cloth. Cover the entire surface of each boot, getting more oil out of the tub if necessary.

  • Allow the oil to absorb and dry overnight.

  • Wear the boots around the house for a few days, climbing stairs and walking around outdoors, allowing them to soften more and conform to the shape of your feet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Mink oil can be purchased at most shoe stores or ordered online (see resources). In addition to softening the leather, it also has waterproofing qualities.
  • Be sure the boots fit well. Boots that don't fit will be uncomfortable no matter how soft they become.
  • Wear a pair of thick socks while you're breaking the boots in.

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