How to Make Red Loctite Cure Faster


Loctite Threadlocker Red is a strong adhesive designed specifically to glue metal objects together. Threadlocker Red can withstand high temperatures and is strong enough to be used in engine components. Unlike other Loctite products, Threadlocker Red can be removed if desired through the use of extremely high heat and tools. Although curing Threadlocker Red usually takes 24 hours, this time can be decreased by not over-applying the product and by employing several drying techniques.

Things You'll Need

  • Clamps
  • Dehumidifier
  • Fan
  • Space heater
  • Apply only a thin layer of Loctite adhesive. Over-applying the product increases curing time.

  • Apply clamps to the edges of the metal objects to press them together as tight as possible. Applying clamps squeezes excess air out of the center of the adhesive, which speeds curing time.

  • Remove as much humidity from the air as possible since the presence of moisture increases the amount of time needed to cure the red Loctite adhesive. If the object is a vehicle or an outdoor item, move it to a garage or other interior location. Placing a dehumidifier or fan in the same room as the item also decreases curing time by removing moisture.

  • Place a space heater near the object if the air temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Set the heater to raise the air temperature to at least 80 degrees for faster curing. Do not place the heater within 2 feet of the object to prevent a fire hazard.

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