How to Tie Hair Up Under a Wig


Wigs have been worn by women--and men--since artificial hair was first invented, and for as many reasons as there are hair colors. Reasons include to look better, to hide bad hair, to convey authority and to try on a different gender or even race. Unless you are trying to hide baldness due to a medical condition or treatment, you need to properly tie up your hair. For the short-haired, this is easy. With shoulder-length or longer hair, it can be a challenge--but it is certainly possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Comb
  • Styling gel
  • Bobby pins or flat clips
  • Coated elastic ponytail holders
  • Hair pins (open, U-shaped, flat pins)
  • Wig cap
  • Comb all tangles out of clean hair. If you have very short or fine hair, don't wash it for the day before because the little bit of coarseness will help the wig stay on. Don't over-condition your hair if you wash it before wearing a wig, or it may be too slippery.

  • Slick down very short hair a little with styling gel and then put on the wig cap. The wig cap is like a hat made out of pantyhose; it is usually sold with the wig. It goes over your hair to help keep it flattened down and hidden. Tuck any stray hairs under the wig cap and secure them with bobby pins.

  • Put shoulder-length hair up as you would set it for pin curls. Use a comb to part hair into very small sections--about the length and width of two fingers. Hold one section in your hand and put the tip of your other index finger against the base of the section. Wind the section clock-wise around your index finger and secure it flat against your scalp with two bobby pins or flat clips. Repeat until all of your hair is pinned up. Carefully put on the wig cap and secure it with bobby pins. Styling gel will help keep stray hairs in place.

  • Pull shoulder-length hair back into a ponytail and secure it with a coated elastic ponytail holder at the nape of your neck. Divide the hair in half and pull the loose ends up toward your ears, but behind them. Secure the hair with bobby pins. Put on the wig cap and use hair gel to tame any stray hairs.

  • Divide longer than shoulder-length hair into at least two sections. Braid both sections very loosely, and secure them with the smallest coated elastic that will fit on the end. Pull the left braid around behind your head to the right, laying it flat against your scalp and wrapping it around your head as far as it will go. Secure the braid to your scalp hair by pushing hair pins into and through the braid, in the direction from which it begins. Do the same for the right braid, making sure the braids are placed side by side; if you cross them one on top of the other, there will be a bump under your wig.

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