How to Decorate a Coffee Themed Kitchen


Coffee-themed kitchens are quite popular, but you don't want to go overboard with the design, either. While most people love coffee, there is a limit to how much you want the drink represented in your kitchen. Coffee-bean patterned curtains, towels, dishes and wallpaper would be a bit much! Instead, keep it simple and elegant by following the tips below.

How to Decorate a Coffee Themed Kitchen
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Things You'll Need

  • Coffee-themed prints and clock
  • Paint and painting tools
  • Coffee beans
  • Tray or vase
  • Coffee mugs
Step 1

Choose neutral colors. Paint your kitchen walls a creamy tan color, reminiscent of a light coffee. Paint your trim white or a dark, rich brown. Accent with white, airy curtains.

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Step 2

Display your coffee beans. Beans look great in a tall, slim clear vase, or spread out on the bottom of a tray surrounding squat white candles.

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Step 3

Choose your favorite coffee mugs, and set them out on the counter on a mug holder instead of hidden inside your cupboard.

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Step 4

Purchase a "coffee house" clock, and hang it in a prominent place. See the link below in the resource section for where you can buy coffee-themed decor for your kitchen.

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Step 5

Hang coffee-themed prints on the wall. A few things with coffee on them are OK. Stay away, however, from coffee-patterned wallpaper, borders or curtains.

Maryurys Connolly/Demand Media

Tips & Warnings

  • Invest in a really nice coffee marker, and display it on your counter.


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