How to Waterproof Your Leather Shoes


Leather shoes can be expensive to purchase, but if you take proper care of them, they can last for many years. Although leather is a durable material, water can fade and discolor it over time. An important step to add to the longevity of your stylish leather shoes is to waterproof them. You can waterproof leather shoes by spraying a protectant spray or by using oils and wax. Regardless of which way you waterproof your shoes, you will preserve them for years to come.

Things You'll Need

  • Beeswax, cream or oil for heavy leather
  • Oil-based silicone spray
  • Soft cloth

Wax or Oil

  • Remove any dust, hair or dirt from your shoes with a dry, soft cloth.

  • Using another soft cloth, smooth a thin and even layer of wax or oil over your leather shoes. Use a dime-sized amount of the product and gradually add more if needed. Rub the cloth in a circular motion to buff and work the product into the leather.

  • Remove any excess oil or wax with a soft, clean cloth. Leave the boots to dry overnight before wearing.


  • Remove any dirt, debris or dust with a dry, soft cloth.

  • Shake the can of the waterproofing spray and hold the can 6 inches from the leather shoes. Spray a thin and even coat over the shoe. Repeat with the other shoe.

  • Carefully set the shoes down and do not touch the coating. This will avoid prints and smears. Allow the shoes to dry overnight before wearing.


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