How to Clean Cashmere Socks


Cashmere is a luxury fiber, but it doesn't need luxury care. Cashmere is the hair of the Cashmere goat and can be treated like any fine fiber. Keep in mind that neither the washing machine nor the dryer should be used to clean cashmere. Hand washing will preserve your cashmere socks for a long time to come

Things You'll Need

  • Fine fabric soap, made especially for wool and other fine fibers
  • Sink
  • Cool water
  • Towels
  • Fill the sink with cool water. Add a squirt of the soap. Do not use detergent. Swirl the water and soap to mix thoroughly and raise a few bubbles.

  • Put the socks in the water and swirl gently. If needed, rub them gently together to remove ground-in dirt. Let the socks soak in the water for 30 minutes or so. Drain the water. Take the socks out of the basin while you refill the sink with clean cool water. Put the socks back in the sink and squeeze gently to rinse the soap out. Repeat the draining and rinsing until the socks are clean and soap free.

  • Gently squeeze the socks to remove as much water as possible. Wrap the socks in an absorbent towel and squeeze to get remaining water out. Pull the socks gently into shape and lay them flat on a towel to dry.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are sure your washing machine does not add water during the spin cycle, you can put the socks in a lingerie bag and put them in the washing machine on spin only.
  • The enemies of any fine fibers are heat, detergent and agitation. These are the 3 things that make fine fibers shrink and felt. Make sure you use only cool water, mild soap and that you handle the wet socks gently.
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