How to Design Bedding Online

Can't find bedding that suits your bedroom decor? Tired of bedding sets that don't quite match, or just looking for something unique? Some higher-end bedding and home decor manufactures have Web sites that let you customize the look of your bedding, from the type of fabric to the color of the trim. These sites provide online visual design programs so you can design bedding with a few clicks of a mouse and have it delivered to your door.


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      Find a Web site that provides the design program needed to create your own custom bedding (see Resources). These sites typically let you select from a variety of fabric types, design motifs, colors and decorative extras. If you want a complete bedding set, make sure the company can supply matching fitted and top sheets, pillow cases/shams and a duvet. Make sure the design program shows you an image of the product you're designing, so you can experiment and immediately see whether you like the results.

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      Choose a size for your bedding. Most sites provide a drop-down list offering sizes from twin to full, and some offer bedding for king-size beds. If you need a bedding set for something other than a standard adult bed, such as a baby's crib or a child's trundle bed, measure the bed before you choose your bedding size to ensure a good fit. Some manufactures offer custom-sized bedding for beds in unusual sizes or shapes.

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      Decide on a style. Because there are so many extras you can add to bedding, many sites offer additional decorative touches or suggest styles ranging from plain to extravagant. Usually, you can click a check box to add extras like ruffles, pleats, fringes, flanges, ties, ribbons, lace, decorative stitching, bias trim and decorative trim like cording or piping.

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      Choose a fabric type. On many sites, you'll be given a choice of fabrics like cotton, linen, silk and polyester as well as blends of these fabrics. Select the fabric based on when you plan to use the bedding. Silk and cotton are light and cool for summer, thick flannel is ideal for winter use, and linen and polyester can be used year round. Also keep thread count and weave in mind. A higher thread count indicates higher quality, and the weave style tells you how thick the fabric is.

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      Select a design. Depending on the site, you may first need to choose a design category such as natural prints, contemporary or retro, then look for individual designs within that category. On other sites, you'll be shown a page of specific designs such as tulips, leopard print or circles. Particularly with children's custom bedding, you'll also find pictorial motifs on things like baseball, ballet or the night sky. When selecting a design, visualize how it will look on fabric type you've chosen, as most design programs can't show this clearly.

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      Pick the colors. You will need to choose the color of the fabric and the embroidered or printed design. For the base color, you can choose either a solid color or print. For the design, some sites only allow you to choose a single color for the whole designer, while others let you pick different colors for different parts of the design. You may also need to choose colors for extras such as ribbons or ties.

Tips & Warnings

  • To make sure your custom bedding turns out exactly the way you want, buy through a site that offers a wide variety of styles, fabric types and colors and allows you to control as many elements of the design as possible. Some sites that claim to let you design bedding online offer only a few styles and color, so for truly customized bedding these are best avoided.
  • Be aware that custom bedding sets typically cost $200 to $400, depending on the number of bedding items included and the quality of material used.
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