How to Clean Gas Stoves


An important thing to remember when cleaning gas stoves is definitely safety first. Make sure the burners are turned off before you begin cleaning. If you need to, remove them from the stove before you start so you don't risk turning or bumping them while you scrub. Cleaning the stove doesn't take long if you work diligently. In fact, the most time consuming part doesn't take any work on your part at all. It is soaking the racks in the sink.

Things You'll Need

  • Warm water Dish soap Steel wool pad Dish towel or paper towels Vinegar or commercial kitchen cleaner Glass cleaner (optional) Toothbrush or safety pin (optional)
  • Fill your kitchen sink with warm water (as hot as you can stand it) and add 1 tbsp. of dish soap. Stir up the water to mix in the soap. Then remove the racks from the oven and place them inside. Let them sit for about 20 minutes while you clean the rest of the stove.
    It's okay if they're too big to be fully covered. Just flip them over after 10 minutes.

  • Take the burner covers, drip trays and knobs off of the stove and put them in the sink with the racks. Scrub them with steel wool if there is baked on dirt or debris. Then rinse them off with hot water, taking the stopper out of the drain while you do so so the sink doesn't get overfull. Add more dish soap as needed. Dry them with a paper towel or dish towel and set them aside for now.

  • See if you can lift up the stovetop. If you can it will lift easily without your having to force it. This will allow you to remove the surface burners, which are the part of the stove that controls the flame. If you can, take them off and put them in the soapy water. Clean out any holes with a small toothbrush or safety pin. If you can't don't worry. Most debris gets burned off during regular use of the stove. Dry the burners, if needed, by putting them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350. This will get them completely dry so your stove will function properly.

  • Clean the top of the stove with vinegar or a commercial kitchen cleaner. Use a paper towel and the steel wool pad as needed. Then wash the door of the stove with either the vinegar or a glass cleaner. Don't use the kitchen cleaner as it could cause streaks.

  • Set the oven for self-cleaning by shutting and locking the door and turning the knob or digital control to "clean." Or, if your oven doesn't have this feature, wipe it out with a paper towel and spray it with oven cleaner or wipe it out with ammonia. If you use oven cleaner, check the can for specific directions. If you use ammonia, leave it in the oven for 30 minutes and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Rinse out either cleaner thoroughly to prevent the scent from transferring to your baked goods.

  • Replace the knobs, burner covers and drip trays. Rinse the racks with warm water, dry them with a towel and put them back in the oven.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have a pet bird do not use oven cleaner. The fumes have been reported to harm them and even kill them.

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