How to Store Your Wedding Cake for Your First Anniversary


Most people don't give much thought to preserving their wedding cake for their first anniversary. Someone at the reception will slip the small cake into a box, and someone's mother will take it home and pop it into her freezer. However, many of those unthinking people will be celebrating their first anniversary by chipping ice off a freezer-burned, disfigured effigy of what once sat in bakery-fresh beauty atop their wedding cake. They'll be recoiling in horror from the "old refrigerator" taste; you can't clink glasses and wash that taste down with a romantic sip of champagne.

  • Designate a person to be in charge of getting and freezing the cake. Have a sturdy cardboard box a little larger than the top of the cake on hand to protect the cake.

  • Upon arrival at home, take the cake out of the box and slide it into the freezer, being sure there's enough room that the cake won't be damaged on the way in. Walk away until the next day.

  • The next morning, the cake will be solidly frozen. Working quickly with long pieces of clingy plastic wrap, swath the frozen cake (including the cardboard on which it sits) in the wrap, making sure there are no openings to let in "freezer air." Slide the cake back into its box and use masking tape to close all the open edges of the box. Return it to the freezer as quickly as possible (the icing is quick to melt, and as soon as it melts it will stick to the plastic wrap.) This process will ensure that your cake is frozen while still fresh, but you want it packaged back up as soon as it's frozen to prevent freezer odors from setting in.

  • When you're ready to thaw the cake, take it out of the box and unwrap the plastic wrap while the cake is still solidly frozen.

  • Let the cake sit for a couple of hours in open air so any condensation created as it thaws will evaporate. When the cake is thawed, you can crack open the bubbly and celebrate your one-year anniversary with a cake as tasty as the day it went in the freezer.

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