How to Break the Lice Life Cycle


If headlice have become a problem in your household,then get ready to break the lice life cycle.In order to achieve this,you need to know and understand a little about the life cycle of lice.
Head lice are tiny little bugs who nest in your hair.For nourishment,they suck your blood.Size-wise they are often compared to a speck of dirt.nd contrry to popular belief,they cannot jump or fly.They crawl from one head to another.They are often shared by combs,hats,or jackets.An average life span of headlice is 30 days.In an average life span,they can lay up to 300 eggs.Thier eggs are referred to as nits.The nits hatch in 7-12 days.And at the tender age of twelve,they are making babies.
Head lice is very popular among school-aged children,especially in the elementry schools.
They also can be very resistent to lice shampoos and treatments.The lice treatments and shampoos are said to be more dangerous to your child's head than the bug its self.INstead of using these harsh chemicals,try using home remedies.
The key to getting rid of these pests is persistence.

Things You'll Need

  • Denorex
  • fine-tooth comb
  • olive oil
  • There are two options here.You could lather the hair and scalp with olive oil and cover with a shower cap.A plastic grocery sack would work just as well.Let this remain on the head for 2-4 hours.Remove shower cap or plastic bag.Wash out the oil.Now washing out the oil will take a few washes.
    The other option is washing with Denorex.Apply the shampoo to the hair and scalp,and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.This is known to kill the lice,but it is also said that it does not kill all of them.

  • The most effective way to break the lice life cycle is to remove all the nits.You must comb them all out.Nits can be very hard to see.The nits are oval shaped and close to an biege color.Normally they very close to the scalp,although there have been cases where they are halfway down the hair shaft.To comb these out,you need a fine tooth comb.The best nit-comb on the market is the NitFree Terminator.

  • Part the hair into small sections,combing one section at a time.Continue with this until all sections are combed and no nits are remaining.This step has been known to take hours,but if you choose to purchase this terminator comb,you will cut the time in half.

  • Now it is time to clean house!Wash all your clothes,sheets,combs,and brushes.PLace toys in a plastic bag for at least two weeks.

  • Repeat all the steps in 7-10 days.

Tips & Warnings

  • Must still comb nits out!

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