How to Crochet a Lap Blanket


If you've always admired beautiful crochet blankets, but never had the confidence to try it yourself, now you can. This multicolored lap blanket is easy to create even if you are a beginner. Using a single crochet, one of the most basic stiches in crochet, you'll create several planels of a blanket that will be sewn together. Depending on how big you make the blanket, it could be draped over you keeping you cozy warm within weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 crochet hook, in size K
  • 11 skeins of Bernat Berella "4" Afghan Yarn in three different colors (5 in one solid color, 5 in a different solid color, and 1 in a variegated yarn).
  • Choose which color yarn you'd like to work with first. Take one end of the yarn, loop it around your finger, and cross the shorter piece of yarn over the longer piece. Take the longer piece, pull it up, throw the loop, and pull it tight. You'll be left with a loop that should be placed on the crochet hook to get you started.

  • Make a single crochet by wrapping your yarn around the hook from back to front. Turn your crochet hook in a slight downward position and pull the yarn through your loop to create a single crochet.

  • Repeat until you've made a chain of 100 single crochets. Once you've gotten to 100, create one more single crochet and then flip the entire thing around. You'll then be able to crochet 100 more single crochets in the opposite direction. Repeat until you've finished 40 rows to complete a thick, wide rectangular piece. Set aside.

  • Start your second piece of the blanket using the same color, but this time create 50 single crochets and repeat until you've completed 50 rows. You'll be left with a long, thick rectangular piece.

  • Repeat steps number three and four, but with the second color yarn. You should end up with four pieces total: two thick rectangular squares and two long, thin rectangular pieces, one in each color.

  • Thread your needle with the variegated yarn, line up the two different color long, thin rectangular pieces so they meet evenly, and single crochet the pieces together.

  • Single crochet the piece made up of two colors, which should be the same length and thickness as the two single colored pieces you made previously, and join them together on each end.

  • Single crochet a border down the entire length of the blanket using your variegated yarn. Repeat on the other side to finish up.

Tips & Warnings

  • I created this blanket to be long and thin to accommodate my tall husband. You can make it shorter by eliminating rows on each of the four pieces of blanket before sewing them together. You can also make it thinner or wider by simply adding or eliminating single crochets when creating your rows.
  • You can whip stich the pieces together with a large sewing needle rather than single crocheting them if you prefer.
  • It's important that you make sure all pieces are exactly the same length and width. Otherwise when you sew them together they may be out of alignment. Although this piece is easy to do, mistakes are a little harder to hide than if you just crocheted a blanket from top to bottom.

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