How to Sew a Friendship Star Quilt Block


There are several variations of the Friendship Star Quilt pattern, but the center star of each block remains a constant. The design of each block is fairly simple. Popular among Amish quilters in Pennsylvania, the pattern is believed to have originated in the late 1800s.

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton fabrics
  • Sewing and quilting thread
  • Sewing and quilting needles
  • Straight pins
  • Ruler and straight edge
  • Templates (6 1/2 inch square and 3 1/2 inch square)
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Disappearing marker
  • White marking pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron and ironing board


  • Choose three fabrics for the block. Determine the arrangement of the fabrics and label them A, B and C. Launder and press the fabrics.

  • Cut out the pieces for one block. Cut one 6 1/2 inch square of Fabric A; two 6 1/2 inch squares each of B and C; and eight 3 1/2 inch blocks each of A and B.

  • Draw a diagonal line corner to corner across both of the 6 1/2 inch squares in Fabric B. Lay the squares atop the same-size square of C. Pin together, lining up the edges.

  • Stitch 1/4 inch from either side of the diagonal line. Cut along the line and open the two newly formed two-color squares.

  • Work with the 3 1/2 inch squares in A and B and make four patchwork blocks. Use two squares of each fabric in each block. Arrange the two fabrics opposite one another with the top row A-B and the bottom row B-A.

Piecing the Block

  • Position the larger solid colored square on the work surface. Place one of the two-color squares (created in Step 4, Section I) to either side of the solid colored square. Position the two-color squares with C aligned with the center square.

  • Pin the three squares together and stitch to create the central strip for the block. Position the strip on the work surface as Row 2.

  • Assemble Row 1. Line up a four-patch square, a two-color square and another four-patch square. Position the two-color square so that Fabric C is lined up along the edge of the central square in Row 2.

  • Position the two four-patch squares with color A located at both the top right and left positions. (See Resources)

  • Sew the three components of Row 1 together and lay it on the work surface so that it is aligned with Row 2 as described in Step 3 above. Assemble Row 3 in the same manner as Row 1.

  • Position Row 3 so that C of the center square is aligned with A in the middle of Row 2. Pin in place, carefully lining up the seams. Do the same with Row 1. Stitch the seams to create the block of three rows.

  • Layer the block with backing fabric and batting and quilt through all three layers. Add binding to the edges. Frame the block or use it as a pillow top.

Tips & Warnings

  • The way in which the pieces are turned and aligned, the finished product is highly detailed.
  • Press the work as it continues. Block the seams. Use a 1/4 inch seam throughout.

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