How to Make Your Hair Look Good on a Bad Hair Day


Whether it's due to the heat or humidity, every woman has had the bad hair days. You know you're having a bad hair day when you stand in front of a mirror and wonder who broke into your bedroom, teased your hair sky high in the middle of the night, then put gunk in it so that it refuses to look somewhat presentable. Make bad hair days a thing of the past with these tips to make your hair look good even on your worst hair day.

Things You'll Need

  • Elastic hair ties
  • Volumizing cream
  • Hairspray
  • Thick, plastic headband
  • Brush
  • Baby powder
  • Mousse
  • Bobby pins

Consider a wide, plastic headband your friend. Those little hairs by your roots and by your face can get incredibly out of hand. Take a brush, start at the roots of the hair that frames your face and your forehead and brush back about an inch of hair. While you hold the brush in place, lightly spray that area with hairspray. When you're done hairspraying, put the headband in place. Putting hairspray on first will help tame the little hairs from poking out from underneath the headband.

Never underestimate the power of a high ponytail. On one of those days when your hair looks so limp you have no idea what to do with it, throw it up in a pony tail and it will look sleek instead of frumpy. Add a little spray of hairspray and you're set to go.

On days when your roots look greasy, putting it into a high ponytail will make it look worse. Or maybe not. Take a very small amount of baby powder into your hand, flip your head over and start mixing the baby powder into the greasy parts of your roots. The baby powder will help absorb the oil. When you go to put your hair into the high ponytail, instead of flattening the top of your hair to your head, leave it a few millimeters away from your scalp. This, along with the light application of baby powder beforehand, will help make it look less obvious that your hair is greasy.

If your hair looks like a mess, then at least make it look like a presentable mess. Put it up in a just rolled out of bed mess. Start out by wrapping an elastic hair tie around your hair once as though you were putting it into a high pony tail. Do it again, then again and then this time pull it only a quarter of the way through so that your hair forms a loop underneath the ponytail holder. You will now have 3/4 of your hair sticking out from the top. Grab the bobby pins and start pinning the pieces of your hair to your head near the ponytail holder. There is no perfect way to do this. When it looks good, you'll know.

For curls that have lost their bounce, but a small mixture of mousse and volumizing cream into the palm of your hand and mix together. Take a spray bottle and dampen your hair. After you've done that, bend over and apply the mixture of mousse and volumizing cream to everywhere in your hair but on your roots. Scrunch your curls while you are still bent over, then apply a light spray of hairspray. Flip over, fluff and it will look good as new for at least the rest of the day.

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