How to Choose Baby Shower Games


You have a baby shower to plan, but you’re not sure what games to play. Baby shower games can be a lot of fun, and they range from the traditional to a little wacky. Here are a few tips that’ll help get you started and be appropriate for everyone from the mom-to-be’s youngest cousin to Grandma and Aunt Martha.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothespins
  • Paper
  • Pens and pencils
  • Balloons

What Kind of Game to Play?

  • How many games do you want to play? That really depends on how long of a party you’re going to have. I usually have three games: one that lasts throughout the party and two that are pretty short.

  • What type of games will work best? How many people are going to be there and how much space you have to move around will influence the types of games. If you have a small crowd, you can do games that involve more getting up and moving around. But if you have a room full of 30 ladies or more, keeping everyone in their seats may be your best bet.

  • Are you going to have help? Enlisting the help of one person to help with games will really take the stress off you. Remember, you’re there to have fun too. I’ve listed some of my favorite games below. And remember, there can always be variations to make the game unique for your party.

Pick a Game

  • Clothespins and No No’s is a game that lasts the entire party and gets everyone involved, whether they like it or not. It always gets a lot of laughs and breaks the ice when you have people who’ve never met. “Clothespins” is also probably the easiest game in the world to organize and set up, which is a huge party planning plus. I usually use clothespins because they’re cheap and easy to exchange. You can also dress them up with bows or spray paint them with the party’s colors. Everyone who comes gets a clothespin when they arrive. If you say a certain word, whoever catches you saying that word gets your clothespin. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the party, wins a prize. Some words that can be used are "baby", "boy", "girl", "pregnant", the mom-to-be’s name, and so on. I also had one time where nobody could cross their legs. I’ve never seen a group of older ladies uncross there legs faster, and they still talk about how fun it was!

  • The tricky tray game can be played two ways, but both are fun and really easy to set up. This is a good game for a medium to small crowd, since someone’s going to have to walk around and show everyone the tray. Get a serving tray and lay out different baby items: bottle, socks, rattle, and so on. Also have a few off the wall items: a thong, chewing gum, sticky notes or other strange “non-baby” items. Have a pretty good amount on the tray, maybe 10 to 15 items. Give all your guests a piece of paper and a pen. Don’t tell the women that they will need to memorize what’s on the tray. Simply walk around the room showing them what’s on the tray, but not too slowly. After the tray’s been put out of sight, have everyone write down what was on the tray within a given period of time (usually a minute). Whoever gets the most right, wins.A more fun way to play is when the tray carrier goes to get the tray, have them do things like take off one earring, turn clothes inside out, put on mix-matched socks or shoes or green lipstick. You’ll want about ten odd but subtle things. Most people will assume they’re supposed to memorize what’s on the tray, but here’s the catch: instead of having ladies write down what was on the tray, have them write down what was strange about what the tray carrier was wearing. This really throws them off and you’ll get some crazy answers. Once their minute’s up, have the tray carrier come out in her crazy fashion. This is sure to get some laughs.

  • Toilet paper tape measure is a classic baby shower game. It puts mom-to-be at the center of attention and lets everyone get a good look at that growing belly. This game is really for a smaller party, since everyone has to take their turn measuring. And make sure you have more toilet paper than you think you’ll need, because some people go crazy. Take around a roll of toilet paper and have everyone pull off the amount of squares they think they’ll need. But don’t tell them what they’ll need it for. After everyone has their paper, have mom-to-be stand up in the middle of the room. Everyone has to come up and try to wrap their toilet paper sheet around her belly. Whoever’s closest wins. Or, measure mom-to-be’s belly to get the exact amount of toilet paper needed to go around her. Then, take that strip to everyone and have them measure against the original. This way isn’t quite as fun, because the interaction isn’t there, but it works well if you have some ladies who don’t get around so well.

  • The balloon pop game can get a little crazy and is best for a small group. It combines balloon popping with charades and gets everyone acting like a kid again. This one takes some planning, and I’d recommend enlisting at least one helper to help you get ready. You’ll need the same amount of balloons as guests. You’ll need little strips of paper you can slip into the balloon before it’s blown up--I usually type everything out on a sheet at 12-point font and cut it into strips. You want to put actions on each strip of paper. Actions like crying baby, dad’s first diaper change (tons of laughs for this one) or the pregnant waddle. Anything that has to do with baby or mom-to-be is good. If you have a little fun at dad-to-be’s expense, that’s ok too. Divide the party into two teams; they can pick who goes first. When it’s their turn, they pick a balloon and pop it any way they can (or you can say they have to sit on it). They find their piece of paper and have to act out the action. The popper’s team gets first dibs to figure out the action. If they don’t get it within a minute, it goes to the other team. Which ever team gets the highest score wins.

  • Draw the baby is a really easy, no set-up game. It’s good for any size crowd, as long as you have enough paper and pencils. It’s a little on the tame side as far as games go, but it’s pretty classic. Give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil. Have them draw their best baby in a really short time limit (10 to 20 seconds). I usually give a prize for the best and worst drawings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Just remember, have fun. It’s a party after all.

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