How to Dress Like a Redneck


Whether you want to dress like a redneck for Halloween or aim to fit in as a tourist in a backwards town, you should know that the style is difficult to pull off without the right attitude. This guide can help you dress like a redneck convincingly enough to fool Jeff Foxworthy.

Things You'll Need

  • Ball cap\nFlannel shirt\nWork boots or tennis shoes\nWorn out baggy jeans\nWhite socks\nT-shirt\nSpinach\nBlack makeup

How to Dress Like a Redneck for Halloween or Year-round

  • Wear a ball cap. But know that just any cap will not do. Rednecks prefer red or black and the ball cap must sport a logo or saying related to beer, tools, fishing, hunting or women.

  • Dress like a redneck with a proper T-shirt. This favored garment shows pride in your favorite farming equipment company, truck parts store or compliments your cap motif: Think beer, tools, fishing, hunting or women, usually in that order.

  • Wear a flannel shirt regardless of the weather. The thinner and more worn looking the better. If it is summer time, simply cut the sleeves off. Leave all of the buttons undone for casual wear. For a formal event, rednecks button the bottom two eyes.

  • Select a pair of jeans that have seen better days. An improper fit is essential too. This garment should not compliment one's backside. The brand should be Wrangler, Levis or blue light special du jour, depending on one's social status.

  • Pick shoes that are functional for rough terrain. Work boots are a year-round favorite as are tennis shoes that would never grace the pages of a sports magazine. Fashion conscious rednecks dress in black leather boots broken in at least a decade prior.

  • Buy some black makeup or eyeliner and apply sparingly to the face and hands. Smudge with a damp sponge. This emulates motor oil which no righteous redneck lacks chronic exposure to, even when though mechanical skills are lacking.

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