How to Get Rid of Things


The need to get rid of things can be painfully obvious at times. If your closets or basement are overflowing and you have no idea what's in there because you haven't had occasion to use it in years, you probably know you could stand to part with a few things. But what exactly is all that stuff? If you have a lot of junk to sort through, even something as simple as throwing things out can seem like a daunting task.

Things You'll Need

  • empty boxes
  • garbage bags
  • In order to decide what you want to keep and what you need to get rid of, you have to be able to sort through your things and see what you're sorting through. Set up a work area somewhere clean and roomy, and get out a few boxes of junk.

  • Depending on what type of things you are getting rid of, set up a sorting system. Toxic junk, such as paint cans, used batteries, and broken electronics should get their own containers. Anything sharp should go into a sturdy box. Beyond that, you may need containers for paper, plastic and metal recyclables, used items that are still in good shape, and actual trash. Plus, you may find some things that you still want, so make a place for them too. While you're at it, make a box for things you're not sure about.

  • Sort out the obvious items. Trash that you've just never gotten around to dealing with and treasures that you'd forgotten about or misplaced are easy to start with. You can save yourself time later by sorting anything you want to keep according to what room it belongs in.

  • Put anything you just can't decide about in the "don't know" box. Try to get rid of anything you can, but if you just can't quite bring yourself to let go of something, this box is a good middle ground. When you're done sorting, this box goes back into storage. If you haven't thought about the things in it by the next time you're trying to get rid of stuff (and they don't have great sentimental value) it's a pretty good bet that you will never miss them, and you can get rid of them a little later.

  • Sort as much as you can. The sicker you get of dealing with this stuff, the more you'll be inclined to just toss a lot of stuff and get it over with.

  • If you're getting rid of anything in decent condition, wash it if necessary and have a yard sale or donate it to a thrift store.

  • If you have toxic garbage, research the protocol in your area for getting rid of these things. A lot of recycling drop-offs will take this sort of items, and you can get rid of your recyclables while you're at it.

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