How to Create Storage Space in Your Home


The one thing no home has enough of is storage space. Whether a house, apartment or condo, everyone looks for someplace to put miscellaneous items. Here's a way to create storage space without having to build anything.

Things You'll Need

  • Miscellaneous containers, hangers, etc depending on your project as mentioned below.

The Bedroom

  • Why should dust bunnies be the only thing hiding under your bed? This is a perfect spot to store those seasonal items. Purchase plastic, sealable containers or cardboard boxes to store winter/summer clothing and shoes.

  • Have an old dresser that's falling apart? Use the drawers and get rid of the furniture. Simply install small rolling wheels to the bottom of the drawers, and cut a piece of wood, cardboard, or old shade to fit over the top. Storing holiday decorations here is also a great idea. Make sure you label the containers so they are easily recognizable at a glance

  • The same idea can be applied to the space under your dresser. Use covered wicker baskets that fit under the furniture to store items away, while keeping the look of the room approachable. Remember, anything under the bed will be covered by the bed linens, a storage container under a dresser will be noticeable.

The Closets

  • Closet space can be the most underutilized space in any home. Usually designed simply with a rod and a few shelves, there are simple ways to improve the possibilities inherent in a small closed in space.

  • First, clean out the closet. Anything that hasn't been worn or used in more than a year would have a better place somewhere else. Sort through the clothes for those that no longer fit, are out of style or just don't match anything. Be tough. Only complete outfits and those pieces that mix and match well should be kept. Sort them by color and type. Rehang them using multiple level hangers.

  • Tiered hanging baskets can be used to organize socks, belts, scarves, purses or other small items. In a child's room, they can hold toys, dolls, etc. Canvas shoe bags are also great for storing mittens and hats that are used seasonally. If there are many seasonal items, invest in a good garment bag and store them in the back part of the closet making them accessible when needed.

  • Purchase stackable boxes, either plastic or wicker to use for additional storage. Make sure to label each container so the contents are easily identifiable. This will allow for storing photos, decorations and other miscellaneous items out of the way and yet keep the closet looking clean and organized.


  • Try repurposing some furniture you already own. Here's an easy way to turn that beautiful chest into a working piece of furniture. Chests are great hideaways for lots of things, but if it isn't organized, it's just one more place for clutter to rule.

  • Basic chests have one large main cavity. Create additional room by adding a top section. Cut 2 strips of molding and fit them inside the chest about 3 inches below the opening. Either make a tray or appropriate sized baskets or organizers that will rest on the molding, allowing for smaller items to be stored neatly.

  • To make a tray, measure the opening of the chest, making sure to include the strips of molding in your measurements. Cut a piece of wood the appropriate size, making a small notch in each long end so that it can be lifted later. Place in chest so that it rests on top of the molding. Place organizer containers on the board, glue down if desired.

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