How to Display Cupcakes at a Wedding

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While cake may be the traditional dessert to serve at a wedding, cupcakes have become popular wedding treats over the last several years. Serving cupcakes cuts out the time and effort required to cut and serve a cake, since guests can help themselves. Pick a table against a wall away from any doors in your reception venue so it's less likely that guests will knock over the display accidentally. Plan on each guest eating one cupcake, and order a few dozen extra if you want to have extras to take home.

Things You'll Need

  • Cupcake stand
  • Boxes
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Cake stands
  • Tablecloth
  • Napkins
  • Cupcakes


  1. Buy a cupcake stand from a kitchen supply store. These stands resemble trees with multiple tiers on which you can arrange cupcakes. Your wedding vendors may also have cupcake stands available for rent.

  2. Buy wooden boxes in a variety of heights. Choose boxes with completely flat bottoms and sides.

  3. Turn wooden boxes upside down. Paint all the sides and the bottom of the boxes with colors that match your color palette. Paint the boxes with two coats of paint. Let the paint dry thoroughly.

  4. Borrow cake stands from friends or buy glass or ceramic cake stands from an antique or kitchen supply store. A cake stand is made from a plate large enough to hold a cake that stands on top of a pillar. Most cake stands can hold about 10 cupcakes.

  5. Cover the cupcake table with a tablecloth. Use a cloth that's an opposite shade from the cupcakes; e.g., if your cupcakes are frosted white, use a cloth in a dark shade. Arrange napkins on top of the cloth to protect it from stains or spills.

  6. Set up the cupcake stand at the center of the table. Arrange the cake stands at the back of the table on either side of the cupcake stand. Set up the upside-down boxes in front of the cake stands.

  7. Place cupcakes on top of all the stands. Wait until just before the reception to set them up so the frosting won't dry out. Arrange any extra cupcakes on the table around the base of each stand.



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