How to Make a Wind Vane

A weather vane, or a wind vane, helps to determine the direction of the wind in order to predict weather patterns. Probably one of the first meteorological tools ever developed, the wind vane spins and points in the direction the wind is coming from. Making a wind vane is a fun, simple project that is also educational and useful.

Things You'll Need

  • Ruler
  • Tag board or manila file folder
  • Scissors
  • Plastic drinking straw
  • Glue
  • Straight pin
  • Pencil with new eraser
  • Modeling clay
  • Paper plate


    • 1

      Measure the arrow head and tail of your wind vane on a piece of tag board or on a thick manila file folder. The arrow head should be 5 cm long and about 3.5 cm wide at the end. To make the tail, cut a rectangle that is 4.5 cm tall and 7 cm long. Cut a slight triangular shape into the end to make the arrow tail.

    • 2

      Cut 1 cm slots in both ends of a plastic drinking straw. Slide the arrow head and tail into the slots of the straw and add a drop of glue to hold the pieces in place. Measure the center of the straw and push a straight pin through the straw and into the center of the eraser of the pencil.

    • 3

      Make a small ball with modeling clay and stick the tip of the pencil into the clay to make the base of your wind vane.

    • 4

      Mark "North," "South," "East" and "West" on the outer edges of a paper plate. Place the modeling clay base in the center of the plate and press the clay firmly into the plate.

    • 5

      Test the wind vane by blowing on the arrow, making sure that it spins freely around the straight pin. The wind vane is ready to use.

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