How to Raise Money for a Family Reunion

Although family reunions are a fun time to reconnect with family members, the thought of the cost of a family reunion is sometimes less than enjoyable. Many families have turned to a variety of fundraisers to attempt to offset the family reunion costs.


    • 1

      Save spare change, especially pennies, throughout the year leading up to the family reunion. Consider opening an account dedicated to the family reunion to help with keeping track of the change.

    • 2

      Gather family heirlooms such as quilts, photographs or china and auction them to family members. Have a silent auction before the reunion or a traditional auction during the reunion.

    • 3

      Create a family cookbook or souvenir book to sell to family members or others. These books can include family and personal anecdotes to add to their selling appeal.

    • 4

      Hold a raffle of donated items from companies or family members during the reunion. Plane tickets or electronics are good money generating items.

    • 5

      Charge a traditional registration fee to families. Some families charge per family unit and others charge different prices based on age and family size.

    • 6

      Collect corporate donations or pledges for a fundraising event like a bike race. Corporations sometimes donate to large reunions where knowledge of the company's name and contribution reaches a lot of people.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you open a family reunion bank account, require more than one person's signature to withdraw funds.
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