How to Cut Back on Carbs


Cutting carbs in your diet can help you lose weight, feel healthier and avoid over-eating. However, your body needs energy and you don't usually need to avoid them completely. Most people would do well to cut back on carbs in their food consumption.

  • Learn about glycemic index and what it means for your health. The glycemic index (GI) measures a food's effect on a person's blood glucose level. Choosing carbs with a low GI will not allow drastic fluctuations in your insulin levels, which are harmful to your health. Find out the GI of your favorite foods at The Glycemic Index.

  • Avoid white pasta, white bread and white rice. White flour products are "empty carbs." They are carbohydrate calories with almost no nutrition. Your body will keep craving more in order to satisfy its nutritional needs, which can't be done with empty carbs.

  • Avoid sweet breakfast cereal, soft drinks and sweetened tea, all of which contain high levels of refined sugars. These carbs are especially noxious for your health as they cause blood sugar levels to spike and induce you to overeat.

  • Eat potatoes in strict moderation, and only with skin. Sweet potatoes and yams are a more healthy alternative.

  • Leave some carbs in your diet, but make them count. Bread made from home-milled whole grain flour is a delicious source of protein and nutrients and may curb your craving for empty carb calories.

  • Eat brown rice, green vegetables and legumes. These food sources have good carbs for energy along with plenty of nutrition and a low glycemic index.

  • Eat protein and good fat along with carbs when you do indulge. The nutritional content of the protein and fat will satisfy your cravings and keep you from over-eating carbs.

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