How to Lose Weight Without Exercising


After having a car accident and finding myself restricted from exercise, I wondered if there was a way for me to lose weight without exercising. I found a way, and so far, I have lost 10 lbs (gradually over one month) and I feel that I have a better idea of what makes me gain weight.

Things You'll Need

  • A digital scale
  • Motivation to lose weight

View the Scale as a Tool, Not as your Enemy: We come to dread the scale and what it has to say if our diet approach is unsuccessful, or if we've been unaware of what we've been putting in our mouths for days. However, using this approach, the scale will become our tool in finding the "path" to lose weight and will begin to offer positive reinforcement.

Familiarize Yourself with What You Eat For a Week: Study your portion size, how you tend to prepare foods, and how many meals you tend to eat. This will be essential in the latter steps. If you need to, write down everything you eat and in how many sittings for a week. Do not weigh yourself during this week. Just study what and how you eat.

Beginning the 2nd week, weigh yourself when: - You wake up - After each meal - Right before you go to bed Keep track of what you weigh at these times and track what you are eating. Do this in conjunction with Step 4.

Beginning with that 2nd week, start to restrict your diet in one or more of the following ways without changing the quantity of food. (How you restrict your diet is up to you and will depend on your motivation level. If you think it might be difficult, start out with one of the below methods. But the best result will come with using the methods below simultaneously): - Do not cook in any oils or fats. If you tend to eat fried foods, eat the same foods but boiled, baked or broiled without using oil, butter, shortening, lard, etc. Example: Instead of fried eggs, eat boiled. Or you can go for a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread if you want something more filling. - Cut down on extra sugar or eliminate sugar. If you drink coffee, tea, or eat cereal and add sugar to it, decrease by 1/2 the amount of sugar you use, or if you're really motivated, eliminate that drink altogether, and switch to an alternative. Example: Replace coffee or tea, with water or those fruit flavored waters, or dilute a little bit of orange juice with water. And most definitely, cut down on your consumption of soda by half, or replace soda altogether, with one of the substitutes above.

Avoid Fast Food and Try to Decrease Snacking (with the goal of eliminating if you can): If you must eat a snack, pop fresh popcorn, buy rice cakes, or chunky peanut butter, or eat fruit or a handful of nuts (UNSALTED pistachios, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, etc) which are more filling. Note: It's important to avoid salty snacks as salt will make you crave more.

Enhance the Above Method by Embracing Lean Meats or Fish That Are Prepared Without Oils and That Are Sliced or Diced. Slice or dice meats. Serve yourself a portion visually similar to the meat as a block (before it was sliced/diced). You'll be eating less meat although visually it will look about the same.

Decrease Your Portion Sizes Gradually: If you can decrease the sizes of your portions in conjunction with the above methods, you'll eventually feel less in need of eating bigger meals.

Take it up a Notch: - Work in fresh veggies as part of your meals more and more, and especially as snacks. - Explore the health food section of your grocery store. Morningstar makes great breakfast alternatives. - Remember to try to eat smaller portions. Even if it's a 1/4 or a 1/3 smaller. You can work in baby steps if you must.

Most Importantly, Note How Much You Gain After Each Meal And What You Lose While You Sleep: -You may gain 1/2 lb for a small meal and upwards to a lb and a half or more, for a larger meal. -Become familiar with your body's rhythm with respect to digestion. -By adjusting your intake, you'll see results.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your body may not show a weight loss for a few days if you are eating a lot of sugar and fried food (laden with oils). Once you curb the intake of sugar and oils, your body will begin to work on what you've stored up.
  • If you're unsure of how much you'll gain by looking at something, take it on the scale with you. If you're eyeing a 2 lb piece of sirloin for dinner, don't think you'll only gain 1/2 lb. Try to stay away from anything that looks dense and heavy. Density in, density gained.
  • Check with your doctor before changing your diet, especially if you've got a medical condition.
  • Not meant for people who absolutely dread scales or who want a quick fix.

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