How to Make Rustic Furniture

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How to Make Rustic Furniture. The term "rustic furniture" describes furniture that has a hand-made appearance. The classic Adirondack garden chair is a prime example of rustic furniture that you can make yourself. Adirondack chairs are low slung chairs for outdoor use, made of wooden slats. They do not usually have cushions. You can save hundreds of dollars if you make your own Adirondack chairs or other rustic furniture.

Things You'll Need

  • Pressure treated lumber in the following sizes: 8 foot long 2 inches by 8 inches; 12 foot length 2 inches by 4 inches; 12 foot length 1 inch by 8 inches
  • 2 inch and 2 1/2 inch galvanized screws
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint (exterior)
  • Paint brush

Select a Furniture Plan

  • Visit the Adirondack Source online to download free Adirondack chair plans (see Resources below).

  • Peruse the rustic furniture plans to find one that matches your skill level.

  • Download the plans and print them out. You will want to have them at hand when you begin to build.

Shop for Furniture Materials

  • Take the plans you printed out to the hardware store to buy your supplies.

  • Purchase more wood and screws than your plan calls for so you have extra materials on hand.

Follow Rustic Chair Plans

  • Construct the sides of the chair first.

  • Drill guide holes before you screw each piece together. This will make inserting screws easier.

  • Attach the back legs to the back supports as your plan illustrates.

  • Screw the front legs to the back leg assembly using your galvanized screws.

  • Lay the stretcher base in the space on the front legs and attach it.

  • Center and attach the arms to the top of the legs.

  • Screw the back brace into place to complete the frame of the rustic Adirondack chair.

  • Attach the remaining slats across the back and seat of the chair.

  • Shape the tops of the slats with a jigsaw.

Sand and Paint Your Furniture

  • Sand your rustic furniture so it is smooth and ready to paint.

  • Apply a coat of exterior paint and let it dry.

  • Apply a second coat of paint.

  • Leave the chair to dry overnight before using.

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