How to Play the Drinking Game Quarters


The object of the game quarters is to bounce a quarter off a table and into a shot glass. You can play the drinking game quarters, but be warned, this simple game takes a bit of skill.

Things You'll Need

  • Quarter
  • Shot glass
  • Drinks

Play the Drinking Game Quarters

  • Invite your friends over. It doesn't have to be a considerably huge party, but this drinking game does require a few people to join you. You will need some type of alcoholic beverage for everyone to drink. Beer is probably ideal. You will also need a shot glass and a quarter.

  • Gather the participants in a circle around the table.

  • Set the shot glass in the middle of the table.

  • Get the quarter out. Whoever has a quarter handy goes first, but everyone sitting around the table will get their turn.

  • Bounce the quarter into the shot glass. Aim the quarter so that when it bounces off the table it has a bit of an arc. This makes it easier to get an idea of how to control your aim. If you miss, the quarter is passed clockwise to the next participant. If you get the quarter in the shot glass you go again and get to order anyone you want to take a drink.

  • If a player gets the quarter into the shot glass three times in a row they get to make up a new rule. The penalty for breaking this new rule is having to take a drink. You want to create a rule that will be easy for your increasingly inebriated friends to break. For example, you could outlaw the use of a word. Anyone who says the word must take a drink, but you may think twice before telling them to do so, depending on what the word is.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be observant when making rules. If there is something everyone keeps on saying or doing, outlaw it.
  • If you don't have a shot glass, any glass could serve as a substitute. But keep in mind that the larger the glass, the easier it will be to bounce the quarter in.
  • Games with alcohol can be fun, but they can be dangerous if they get out of hand. If someone looks like they've had enough, tell them they won the game.
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