How to Hang Sectional Posters


Sectional posters create a dimensional look when hung together, and they typically feature one print broken up into two or more posters or a group of posters displaying similar subjects. Because the eye instantly recognizes that the posters are a set and meant to be looked at as a unit, any difference in spacing or issues with alignment is obvious. Plan your layout carefully before you hang this type of artwork.

Things You'll Need

  • Poster frames with wall-mounting hooks
  • Measuring tape
  • Carpenter's level
  • Pencil
  • Picture hangers
  • Hammer
  • Place the posters inside frames with wall-mounting hooks on the back. Clear acrylic frames create a seamless effect once hung, while a thin standard picture frame adds an elegant separation.

  • Lay the framed posters face-down on a large surface. Create one horizontal line or group the posters so that they're in order based on the composition of the prints. Separate the posters 1 to 2 inches from each other to create gaps in between.

  • Measure the overall width and height of the arrangement as it sits on the work surface. Write down the measurements. Measure from the left top corner of the first poster to the center point above the hook; note this measurement, and then measure down from this point to the center of the hook, also noting this measurement.

  • Measure from the center of the first hook on the first poster to the center of the hook on the poster adjacent in the arrangement. This is the distance you need to space the picture hangers on the wall to align the posters. Repeat this process, working your way across the arrangement; measure from the center of one hook to the center of the next until you have the location of each hook. Then, work your way down, measuring from the top poster, left-most poster's hook to the hook on the back of the poster below it, working your way across again if applicable.

  • Divide the height of the arrangement in half and then add this measurement to 57 to 60 inches, depending on where you want the center point of the arrangement. Measure up from the floor this distance, centering where you want the vertical center of the arrangement, and mark with a pencil. Measure out to the left and right from this point half the width of the arrangement and draw a level line across the wall with a pencil.

  • Measure down and over from the left end of the line on the wall the distance recorded for the hook on the first poster. Mark with a pencil. Using your previous measurements, mark the wall to indicate the center point of the hook for each poster using a carpenter’s level.

  • Hammer picture hangers into each mark. Hang the posters in order.

Tips & Warnings

  • As an alternative, create a layout on the wall with paper. Cut paper to the size of each poster and hang these in place with tape on the wall. Once you have an arrangement you like, install the picture hooks directly through the center top edge of each paper. Remove the paper and hang the sectional posters.

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