How to Mix Black Painted Furniture in a Bedroom

Black is an often overlooked, versatile furniture color that adds drama and dimension to any space, including a bedroom. Many homeowners are frightened by the idea that black furniture overwhelms a space and makes the room feel dark and dingy. Find the right balance between your black furniture, the wall colors and room’s accessories to make the pieces blend perfectly in the space.

Things You'll Need

  • Light paint colors
  • Lamps or light fixtures
  • White pieces
  • Colorful accessories
  • Gray or brown accessories
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      Choose a lighter paint color for the bedroom before incorporating the black furniture. Darker shades of red, blue or green along with the black furniture cast a dark decorating shadow over the space. Pick a color found in an accent pillow or throw rug for the wall color to tie it into the space.

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      Stick with two to three pieces of black furniture and mix them with lighter colored or wood pieces. Avoid multi-piece bedroom sets in black and instead decorate the room with a black bed and side tables along with white or wooden chairs and dressers.

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      Incorporate more light into the room. Black furniture tends to absorb all the light in a space, making it feel dark and cavernous. Decorate the room with table lamps or add an extra ceiling fixture to make the room feel lighter.

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      Add white pieces to the space to provide a contrast to the black. Black and white is a classic combination that fits with almost every motif. Decorate with white bedding on a black bed frame or arrange white picture frames on top of a black credenza.

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      Incorporate other colors into the room with the accessories. Throw subtle accent pillows onto the bed or hang muted artwork onto the walls. Stick with a cohesive color scheme to provide balance to the black furniture.

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      Add dark gray or brown accents to the room. Paint an accent wall dark gray or hang dark brown picture frames on the walls. Darker shades of gray and brown balance out the black furniture, making it appear less stark.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid introducing bright or tropical colors into the bedroom. The contrast between the bright hues and black furniture is too great and give the room a segmented, disorderly feel.

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