How to Knit a Chair Cushion

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Make hand knit cushions using basic craft materials.

Chair cushions transform hard chair seats into soft, plush areas on which to sit. They are both decorative and function, and are found in a variety of patterns and styles at any home decorating or department store. However, buying chair cushions from a store is costly. Save money by making your own chair cushions using basic craft supplies. This also enables you to make more creative and artistic cushions, such as hand-knit chair cushions made from colorful yarn.

Things You'll Need

  • DK-weight yarn
  • Knitting needles, size 10
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Cushion form, 2 inches thick, 24 inches square
  • 2-inch-wide ribbon
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      Cast 40 stitches of DK-weight yarn onto size-10 knitting needles.

    • 2

      Knit the row of stitches back and forth using the basic garter stitch until you have a rectangle that is 48 inches long.

    • 3

      Cast off the stitches, and trim off any excess yarn with scissors.

    • 4

      Fold the knitted rectangle in half lengthwise, and line up the edges.

    • 5

      Sew around the edges of the folded knit form using a yarn needle and the same yarn that you knit the form with. Leave 10 inches unsewn.

    • 6

      Turn the form inside out, and insert a cushion form that is 2 inches thick, 24 inches square into the knit form through the unsewn opening.

    • 7

      Sew the opening closed using the yarn needle and yarn. Trim off any excess yarn with scissors.

    • 8

      Cut two pieces of 2-inch-wide ribbon using scissors to measure 18 inches long each.

    • 9

      Fold each piece of ribbon in half, then sew the folded edge onto one corner of the knit cushion. Place the two ribbons onto two of the corners along one side of the cushion.

    • 10

      Place the knit cushion onto a chair, then tie the ribbon ties onto the chair spindles to hold the cushion onto the chair.

Tips & Warnings

  • Select yarn and ribbon that are the same shade to create a more uniform-looking knit chair cushion, or use contrasting yarn for a more artistic look.

  • Keep sharp scissors and yarn needles out of the reach of children.

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