DIY Mudroom Locker Storage

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Wooden lockers work well for outerwear storage.

Storage in mudrooms is easily increased with the addition of customized storage lockers designed to be deep enough to store coats, with hat storage at the top and boot or umbrella storage at the bottom. Additional shelves can be added as needed. These storage lockers can be built in attached or separated groups for families so that each member of the family gets his own locker.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 boards, 1/2-by-24-by-48-inch
  • 2 boards, 1/2-by-12-by-24-inch
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • 1-inch wood screws
  • 2 boards, 1/2-by-12-by-25-inch
  • Shelf boards, 1/2-by-11-by-24-inch
  • Pegs
  • 25-inch dowel or clothing rod, 1-inch diameter
  • Wood glue
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      Set two 1/2-by-24-by-48-inch boards on their ends, parallel to each other, to serve as the sides of the mudroom locker. Set a 1/2-by-12-by-24-inch board on the top of these side boards to serve as the top board. Adjust the positioning of the three boards so that the ends of the top board are even with the outside surfaces of the side boards. Drill down through the top board every 6 inches around the edge of the top board and into the ends of the side boards. Secure the boards together, using 1-inch wood screws. Repeat for the bottom board.

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      Rotate the entire locker assembly so that an open side is facing up. Position a 1/2-by-12-by-25-inch board on top of the four assembled boards to serve as the rear of the locker. Set each edge of the rear board so that it is even with the outsides of the adjoining boards. Drill pilot holes every 12 inches around the edge of the rear board, through the rear board and into the side, top and bottom boards. Attach the rear board to the other boards with 1-inch wood screws.

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      Flip the locker over and set another 1/2-by-12-by-25-inch board on top of it to serve as the door. Arrange two hinges along the side of the side board and door and mark the positioning of each hinge attachment screw hole. Drill a pilot hole into each marking on the side board and the door. Attach the hinge to the door and the side board with 1/2-inch wood screws, being careful not to break through the front surface of the door.

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      Position a 1/2-by-11-by-24-inch board inside the cabinet, about 8 inches from the top of the locker. Mark each side board with the location of the shelf and drill two holes into each side board at the level of the markings. Set pegs in the holes and position the shelf on top of the pegs. Repeat for any additional desired shelving.

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      Drill a hole, 1 inch in diameter, in each side board about 2 inches below the top shelf. Pass a 25-inch-long dowel with a 1-inch diameter through the holes and apply wood glue to each junction of the dowel and side boards. This will provide a place to hang coats on hangers. Allow four hours for the wood glue to set.

Tips & Warnings

  • Reinforce the dowel attachment by screwing wood panels on the outside of the side boards on either side of the dowel to serve as braces.

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