How to Make Pillow Sham Borders With Mitered Corners

Making pillow shams to complement your quilt or other bed covering gives your bed a professional, put-together look. The shams are similar to pillowcases; however, the edges often have additional fabric that fans out and more fully covers the bed. The way in which you make the edges can vary depending on the type of look you want for the pillow shams. Making your pillow shams with mitered corners gives your pillows a neatly-finished look.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Thread


    • 1

      Measure the sides of the pillow sham. Add 2 inches to each side to accommodate the edges.

    • 2

      Cut strips of fabric 4 inches wide by the length of each side plus 4 inches. For instance, if one side of the pillow sham measures 10 inches, cut the strip for that side 14 inches long.

    • 3

      Measure to find the middle of each side of the pillow sham. Mark the middle of each side with a pin.

    • 4

      Fold the fabric strip in half lengthwise and crease it.

    • 5

      Fold the fabric strip for one side in half to find the middle of the length. Line up this middle point with the pin in the middle of the matching side of the pillow sham.

    • 6

      Use the pin to secure one long edge of the fabric to the pillow sham. Pin the other edge to the back of the pillow sham on the same side.

    • 7

      Pin the rest of the length along both the front and back of the pillow sham to hold it in place. You should have 2 inches of length extending beyond the edge of the pillow sham on the top and bottom.

    • 8

      Fold the extra 2-inch sections on either end into a point by folding the outside corners in and down toward the center crease in the strip of fabric. This leaves each end of the fabric strip folded at a 45-degree angle.

    • 9

      Sew the first strip of fabric onto the edge of the pillow sham. Stop sewing when you reach the folded points extending beyond the edges of the pillow sham.

    • 10

      Turn the pillow sham and repeat Steps 4 through 9 on the next side. Sew the two connecting 45-degree angles together to create a mitered corner for that corner of the pillow sham.

    • 11

      Repeat the process for the remaining two sides to create the remaining edges with the remaining three mitered corners.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a fabric that matches or complements the fabric of the pillow sham. A complementing fabric can provide an attractive contrast, while a matching one blends the pillow sham in better.
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