How to Make a Graduation Scroll With a Picture & Message on It for Party Favors

A graduation party is a celebration of a student's hard work, so everything from the cake to the party favors should be in commemoration of the special event. A custom-made graduation scroll with a picture and a message is an inexpensive way to thank your guests for their attendance. Depending on how many guests are attending the party, your diploma party favors can contain either messages that are personalized for each guest or simply a standard message of gratitude.

Things You'll Need

  • Parchment colored printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribbon


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      Click on the picture tools to add photos, clip art or other images to your document, if you're using a publication program on your computer. Use the editing tools to crop, rotate, resize and move the image to your liking. Use scissors and glue to trim and affix images to the paper if you're doing this project by hand. For either method, choose images related to the graduation theme, such as the graduate's senior picture or the school's logo.

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      Write a rough draft of your graduation message and edit it for spelling, grammar and content. The message should thank the guests for their attendance as well as celebrate the graduate's accomplishments. If you have time, personalize each message; if not, use a general title such as "Esteemed Party Guest."

    • 3
      Use a reference picture of a diploma to create an authentic look.
      Use a reference picture of a diploma to create an authentic look.

      Design the diploma favor in the likeness of a high school diploma. Include a large heading in fancy letters that says the school name and location, or your own "school" name, like "School of Hard Knocks." Write the name of the graduate in fancy letters and the date of graduation or the party. Next, transfer your thank-you message to the paper. Attache an official-looking golden seal or two, and add signatures -- maybe mom and dad's -- at the bottom.

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      Print or craft enough copies of the scroll design for each guest expected to attend, then make a few extra copies for unexpected attendees.

    • 5

      Roll up each diploma so that the message is on the inside. Cut at least 12 inches of ribbon that matches the school colors of the graduate's alma mater, wrap it around the scroll and tie it in a bow.

Tips & Warnings

  • Graduation scrolls can also be used as place markers at the table or to hold instructions for party games.
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