How to Make Beaded Socks for Little Girls

If your little girl likes to have a little more bling in her outfits, but you're trying to save money, consider giving her what she wants by making it yourself. Beaded socks don't have to set you back any more than the cost of thread and beads — especially if you already have socks on hand that are in good enough shape to warrant attaching beads to. So get to work on adding a little skip to your girl's step by adding beads to her socks.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle
  • Thin yarn
  • Socks with a fold-over cuff


    • 1

      Choose your beads and set them up in patterns. Plan for eight to 10 columns of hanging beads around the cuff of your sock, with each column having three beads. Alternate colors within each column or alternate the colors of the columns.

    • 2

      Thread your needle and knot it so it won't rip through the sock material. Pull your needle about a quarter-inch from the bottom inside of the cuff so your thread and needle are now on the outside of the sock.

    • 3

      Thread your beads onto the needle and down the yard toward the sock. Three beads may be enough, but if you want longer beaded columns, add a few more until you're happy with it. Knot the yarn at the end of the beads, making sure they won't come off before you cut any excess yarn. Repeat this process around the cuff until you are happy with the amount of beads you've placed.

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