How to Design Your Own Comforters

Designing your own comforter gives you the opportunity to creatively incorporate your personal preference while cutting on cost. It is easier to regularly change your comforter to suit the bedroom or season’s mood and match with your interior décor without having to rush to the local store. Designing your own comforter also allows you to choose the fabric that you are comfortable with.


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      Take the measurements to know the amount of the material needed. Measure your bed’s length and width. Take into consideration the extra inches that you’ll need hanging on the sides of the bed and add to the total width. Multiply your measurements by 2 for the total fabric that you will use for the front and back pieces of your comforter.

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      Choose the fabric. If you are not sure what type of fabric or insert you want to use, inquire at stores. Settle on the pattern and quality of the fabric, and purchase according to your measurements.

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      Cut your fabric into two equal pieces for the two sides of the comforter. Stitch the two pieces together from the sides, lengthwise and leave space for the insert material. Leave enough allowance for your seams in the middle of your comforter. This protects you from having less material for stitching.

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      Lay the insert material onto the inside of either front or back side of the comforter. Pin the insert to enable you stitch it into position.Sew the insert material into place by using big seam tack. Remove the pins once the stitches are in place.

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      Pin the other piece, right side against right side, onto the piece that you’ve sewn the insert material onto. Stitch three sides of the comforter so as to leave an opening to allow you to turn it. Turn your complete comforter into the right side. Once you have turned it onto the right side, stitch the opening.

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      Add creativity to finished work. Make a pattern where you have stitched the opening. You can make your pattern by using ribbons or by stitching your seams creatively. You can also use buttons to close the opening; here is an opportunity for you to get innovative.

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