How to Make a Bow With Multiple Ribbons for Wreaths


A wreath without a ribbon bow often looks empty or incomplete, especially if the wreath is for a wintertime holiday. Bows add a touch of flair and elegance to any wreath. A bow with multiple ribbons in it is an even more impressive statement. Multiple ribbon bows often look much fuller than single ribbon bows. They can also incorporate more than one color, or several different shades of a color, by using different ribbons. This can help to tie all the aspects of the wreath together.

Things You'll Need

  • Between 2 and 4 even lengths of ribbon

Two Ribbon Bow

  • Cut two even lengths of ribbon. These lengths can be any size you want, from a few inches long to several yards long, as long as you can easily hold and tie them. How long they are depends on the size of bow you want, as well as how long you want the tails to be. Bigger loops and longer tails will call for longer ribbons to start with. Also, the wider the ribbon, the longer the ribbon will need to be. For example, a ribbon that is 1 inch wide can be between 9 and 12 inches long.

  • Fold each ribbon evenly in half, forming loops at the top. Hold the middle of one ribbon in your left hand, and the middle of the other ribbon in your right hand.

  • Cross the two ribbon loops, left over right, just above the middle of the ribbons.

  • Fold the right hand ribbon, which is now on the left, over the other ribbon, then fold it under both ribbons and bring it back up.

  • Cross the new left ribbon over the right loop. This creates a circle. Fold the left ribbon loop through the circle to create a knot. This gives you a bow with two loops and four tails.

Multiple Ribbon Bow

  • Cut several even lengths of ribbon. You can cut two, three or even four lengths. The length depends on the size of the bow and width of the ribbon. A ribbon 1 inch wide should be between 14 and 24 inches long.

  • Lay the ribbons on top of each other, and rotate them so they’re all horizontal.

  • Create two loops on either side of the middle of the ribbons. Hold these loops and cross the left hand loop over the right hand loop. This creates a circle.

  • Pull the right hand loop, which is now on the left, up and through the circle to create a knot. This gives you a bow with many layers.

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