How to Find Out If You Have Bed Bugs in the Apartment

If you wake up with unexplainable bite marks on your arms and legs and they're too numerous to be mosquito bites and too small to be spider bites, they're likely bed bug bites. Bed bugs are brownish, flat insects roughly 3/8-inches in length. They feed on the blood of their human hosts while asleep and are usually found on mattresses, headboards or in pieces of luggage. Perform a thorough check of your apartment to determine whether you have a bed bug infestation.

Things You'll Need

  • Latex gloves
  • Plastic garbage bags
  • Hand-held vacuum


    • 1

      Don your latex gloves prior to searching your apartment to protect yourself from any live bed bugs you might find.

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      Strip all bedding off your mattress. Inspect every inch of each sheet, including the comforter, for blood streaks and spots. These indicate feeding areas and are a sure sign of bed bug presence.

    • 3

      Place all of the bedding in a large, plastic, garbage bag. Have the bedding professionally disinfected and dry cleaned to remove all blood spots and any bed bugs which may remain on the sheets.

    • 4

      Pull back the piping around the outside of the mattress and check for live bed bugs, small eggs or dried carcasses. Also check within the crevices and folds of the mattress. If you detect any bed bugs, suck them up with a hand-held vacuum immediately.

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      Check the corners of the box spring, as well as the back of the bed's headboard, for traces of bed bugs. Vacuum them up immediately if detected.

    • 6

      Open up your luggage and inspect every nook and cranny within. Also check all outside storage pockets. If you have recently removed clothes from your luggage, check each article for bed bugs and wash immediately in a hot water cycle.

    • 7

      Lift each cushion from your couch and check the piping for bed bugs. If you spend a lot of time resting on your couch, bed bugs can easily find their way into the dark crevices between cushions.

Tips & Warnings

  • Vacuum up bed bugs, eggs and dead carcasses as you discover them. If you detect bed bugs on any articles of clothing, wash them in a hot water cycle as soon as possible.
  • If you are experiencing a large-scale infestation of bed bugs, contact a pest control service immediately.
  • Do not continue sleeping on a mattress that has been infested with bed bugs. Have it checked by a licensed pest control technician or professionally cleaned before using it in your apartment.
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