How to Make an Old Lady Costume for Kids

An old lady costume is easy to put together for a little girl, and is an ideal solution for a Halloween party or a school play. Use items and materials you may already have on hand to create a unique outfit that will set your child apart. Plus, making the old lady costume by hand will save costs over purchasing a premade costume from a specialty shop, where such costumes can sometimes be expensive.

Things You'll Need

  • Floor-length dress
  • Tights
  • Black shoes
  • Scarf
  • Wire glasses
  • Costume jewelry
  • Shower curtain rod
  • Brown spray paint
  • Baby powder


    • 1

      Dress the child in a floor-length dress. Stay away from youthful colors such as white or pink. A dark dress with a floral print works best. Add tights and black shoes to the outfit.

    • 2

      Tie a scarf around the child's shoulders to look like an old-fashioned shawl.

    • 3

      Pop the lenses out of a pair of wire glasses so that the child can wear the glasses without having to look through prescription lenses.

    • 4

      Accessorize the outfit with costume jewelry such as strings of pearls, a cameo or a brooch.

    • 5

      Spray paint half an old shower curtain rod brown to look like a cane.

    • 6

      Tie the child's hair into a bun. Sprinkle baby powder over the hair to make it look gray.

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