Planning a Candlelight Wedding

  1. Introduction

    • There is nothing more romantic than a candlelight wedding. It gives an ambiance of forever love and the guests really enjoy them. The bride and groom get to share their vows in an atmosphere that is relaxed and filled with emotion. Planning a candlelight wedding is very simple if the planner knows what he is doing. Any lighted candles need to be arranged in a way that will not hinder the visibility of the ceremony but will allow ample lighting for photographs. When done right, candlelight weddings are timeless and elegant. In this article, you will learn the secrets to planning a candlelight wedding.

    Beginning of Planning Process

    • A candlelight wedding may be beautiful, but it takes extensive planning, so you must decide early that you want one. Candlelight weddings are usually held inside, so the location administrators will have to be notified of your desire to use candles. You will need their approval to light candles inside the facility. Many churches make provisions for this.
      Usually the best man and maid of honor are given the task of lighting the candles. For some weddings, the whole wedding party lights the candles before the entrance of the bride. For unity ceremonies, the task of lighting the candles may be given to the parents of the bride and groom.
      The time of day that the wedding is taking place is an important aspect. Candlelight ceremonies are usually conducted at night or late afternoon, especially when the wedding takes place in a venue with lots of windows, because incoming sunlight takes away the magical effect of candlelight.

    Placing the Candles

    • There are several creative ways you can place the candles for a candlelight wedding. In the front of the venue, where the service will be officiated, there will probably be a chandelier with candles already lit before the ceremony. On the end of the pews or row of seats, there can be candelabra that screw in at the end of the pew. Candelabra are also situated at the front of the location and in other various locations, such as windowsills and at the entrance of the room. Be sure not to place lighted candles around any loose fabrics and materials.

    Finishing Touches

    • There will need to be several rehearsals for candlelight weddings. The coordinating parties need to be absolutely prepared for lighting the candles. There should also be provisions for a safety plan also. If you are unsure about any of this, the pastor or priest may be able to offer some guidance about conducting your candlelight wedding. Because of the danger of fire, the facility may already have provisions for how the wedding will have to be conducted.
      The candles that are by the areas that people will be passing through shouldn't be lighted until the guests are seated. This will help avoid the possibility of lighted candles being knocked over or catching someone's clothes on fire. Make time provisions to make sure all of the guests are seated before the lighting of the candles. Depending of the size of the venue and the amount of candles, it takes time to light them all. Know then when planning the wedding and deciding how many candle lighters you will need.

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