Decorating With Mirrors That Cover The Whole Wall


Mirrors, Mirrors, on the Wall

  • One of the most interesting and dramatic decorative arrangements you can make is a wall of mirrors. Big mirrors, little mirrors, round mirrors, rectangle mirrors. Mirrors with ornate baroque frames. Mirrors with no frames at all. The old mirrored panel wall is a dated look, but a wall covered in separate mirrors is an exciting look. Now, how will you design your mirror arrangement to make it pleasing to the eye?

The Magic of Mirrors

  • Mirrors are almost magic. They emphasize the view. They seem to double the size of the room. They make narrow hallways look wide. They enhance the architecture. They add light and sparkle and elegance. Whether you intend to use the mirrors you already have, or buy new ones, your arrangement of mirrors can be a work of art in itself.

Formal but Fabulous

  • It can definitely be tricky to arrange a whole wall of mirrors. But if you think in sections, it can be done effectively. If you want a very centered and formal look, try repeating a simple pattern. For example, think of the wall divided into thirds. In the middle one, place a centerpiece mirror. Use some long, rectangular mirrors beside it, and add other smaller mirrors in different shapes.Then, do the same for the sections on the right and left.

Random but Not Really

  • This is where you can really be artistic. Start with a piece of paper trimmed to the configuration of the wall, e.g., eight foot by ten foot wall, eight by ten inch sheet of paper. Draw the shape of your favorite, big mirror about half way down the paper, but not centered horizontally. Then draw other mirrors in similar shapes (circles and ovals for instance) but in different sizes and scatter them around your paper "wall." Now, scatter in drawings of rectangle shape mirrors, but none of them as dominant or large as your favorite "hero" mirror. Fill in with diamond or octagonal shapes. Erase and rearrange until you like the design. Then you can use it as a guide for the actual wall.

To Frame or Not to Frame

  • How about both? Yes, you can combine ornate frames with simple ones, unframed mirrors with beveled edge mirrors. Or you can go to the craft store and buy a wall full of unframed mirrors in all shapes and sizes and glue them to your wall. Or, if you have an assortment of beautiful mirrors in antique frames, use them all together, and add to your collection as you can. If all the frames do match in color or tone, that will be a unifying factor to your design. If they don't match, the very fact that each one is different is unifying.

Spectacular But Elegant

  • Because every mirror in your arrangement will reflect a different part of the opposite wall, window or room, the effect will be a shattering and scattering. Whatever is in front of the wall will be reflected at slightly different angles. The effect is fascinating, and the look is spectacularly elegant.

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