• Easy Homemade Sun Tea Recipe

    Learn how simple it can be to make sun brewed tea, a summer tradition requiring minimal ingredients and refreshing impact at the end of a long, hot day. Read More

  • Creative Uses for Tea Bags

    There are a lot of reasons to like tea. With no fat, no sugar, no carbs and barely a calorie to speak of, it's as diet-friendly as any beverage you… Read More

  • What Is Bruised Tea?

    Whether you're a beginner or a dedicated tea lover, the language of tea can sometimes be a little perplexing. Terms like "bruising" don't always mean what they seem to. While… Read More

  • How to Dry Apples & Oranges for Tea Blends

    The added flavor of apples and oranges can really enhance a tea blend, but the fruit must be properly dried before it can be blended and stored. The delicate flavor… Read More

  • How to Make Iced Tea With a Pinch of Baking Soda

    On a hot day, there are few beverages as refreshing as a tall glass of ice-cold black tea. Black tea often tastes bitter because of its tannic acid content, but… Read More

  • How to Hold a Cup of Tea Properly

    Knowing how to hold a cup of tea properly isn't as much about perception as it is about enjoyment of the beverage. It all depends on the teacup but the… Read More

  • How to Make Palo Azul Tea

    Palo azul tea requires just the right ingredients and the proper knowledge when it comes to putting them together. Make palo azul tea with help from a coffee shop owner… Read More

  • How to Make Milk Thistle Tea

    Milk thistle tea doesn't require a trip down to the coffee shop in order to enjoy. Make milk thistle tea with help from a coffee shop owner in this free… Read More

  • How to Make Chaparral Tea

    Chaparral tea is a great way to put a new spin on an old classic. Make chaparral tea with help from a coffee shop owner in this free video clip. Read More

  • How to Make Ginseng Tea

    Ginseng tea has a number of different health benefits that you should be aware of. Find out how to make ginseng tea with help from a coffee shop owner in… Read More

  • How to Make Soursop Tea

    Soursop tea is a great drink for people who just want to try something new. Make soursop tea with help from a coffee shop owner in this free video clip. Read More

  • How to Make Turmeric Tea

    Turmeric tea needs to be prepared in a very specific way for the best possible results. Find out how to make turmeric tea with help from an experienced coffee professional… Read More

  • What Is Mushroom Tea?

    Mushroom tea is like any other tea variant except that it's made with psychedelic or medicinal mushrooms rather than traditional tea leaves. This results in a hallucinogenic effect, caused by… Read More

  • How to Make Cactus Tea

    Cactus tea, usually created from the prickly pear, is a large part of the beverage culture for indigenous people in the southern United States and Central and South America. The… Read More

  • How to Keep Tea From Becoming Cloudy

    Those who brew tea at home hope to achieve the clear, light to dark brown color of commercially brewed tea. However, tea often becomes cloudy after heating, whether it is… Read More

  • How to Make Kava Tea Bags Effective

    Kava tea is a traditional, Polynesian drink many people believe relaxes the mind, produces a calm yet awake state and encourages good sleep. But, making a hot cup of tea… Read More

  • How to Order a Chai Latte From Starbucks

    If you want something to warm you up during the winter or perk up your senses during the summer, the chai tea latte may be the drink to order. The… Read More

  • What Is Russian Tea?

    Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. It has been a part of the everyday diet of humans for over 5,000 years. It has been… Read More

  • How to Infuse Fruit Tea

    Fruit teas come in a variety of nuanced flavors. From tart berry blends to sweet cinnamon orange spice concoctions, there's something for everyone to enjoy. The natural sweetness of fruit… Read More

  • How to Make a Coconut-Flavored Boba Tea

    Boba tea -- or bubble tea -- has been a favorite drink in Taiwan for years. It is now popular in North America as well. A blend of black or… Read More

  • How to Make Tea Using Tea Bags

    The invention of the tea bag was an accident. Merchant Thomas Sullivan, for the sake of convenience, shipped tea leaves to his customers in small bags of silk. The customers,… Read More

  • What Spices Are in Chai Tea?

    Chai is an Indian spiced milk and tea drink that can be served either hot or cold. Other names for chai tea are chai latte and masala chai. It is… Read More

  • Registering Your Starbucks Gift Card

    A Starbucks gift card comes with a lot more than a promise of credit for a certain amount of dollars in coffee. It can help you earn free coffee in… Read More

  • Difference Between Sencha & Matcha

    Sencha and matcha are two well-known Japanese green teas, but their similarity ends in their shared color category. Due to the significant increase in interest in green teas in the… Read More

  • How to Decaffeinate Tea Bags

    Tea is a refreshing drink that contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which are beneficial to health. If you enjoy tea but remain concerned about the effects of caffeine on the body,… Read More

  • How to Make Bee Balm Tea

    With a healthy does of antioxidants, bee balm tea has properties that make it a natural diuretic, antiseptic and stimulant. Bee balm, which is a member of the mint family,… Read More

  • How to Dry Raspberry Leaves for Tea

    Raspberry tea is a beverage that contains many beneficial properties. Vitamins A, B, C, and E, citric acid, calcium and potassium, among other nutrients, help this tea pack a powerful… Read More

  • How to Make Lipton Sweet Tea

    Sweet tea is the classic beverage to pair with Southern favorites such as barbecue and chicken-fried anything. You can also enjoy sweet tea as a casual afternoon pick-me-up. The process… Read More

  • How to Make Tea From Loose Peppermint Leaves

    If you are searching for a relaxing way to spend the afternoon, consider drinking a freshly brewed cup of loose-leaf peppermint tea to ease your mind and body. Peppermint tea… Read More

  • How to Make Loose Tea in a Coffee Pot

    The traditional way of brewing loose tea is with a tea ball. The tea is placed in the ball, and the ball is placed into a pot of hot water.… Read More

  • How to Brew Tea in a Cast-Iron Teapot

    Over time, the Japanese tradition of using a finely crafted, cast-iron teapot -- or tetsubin -- for boiling water on the stovetop changed and evolved. Today, you’ll find tetsubin, made… Read More

  • How to Brew Matcha

    Matcha is perhaps best known for its role in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. This powdered green tea is unusual in its preparation. You do not steep it in bags… Read More

  • The Effects of Oolong Tea

    The origins of oolong tea, which means "Black Dragon", date back to 17th century China. Oolong tea can refer to black or green tea, and the oxidation levels can range… Read More

  • Is Theanine Found in Decaffeinated Tea?

    People all over the world enjoy tea, which is renowned for its calming effects. Its peaceful powers are largely due to the chemical theanine, which occurs naturally in tea leaves. Read More

  • Homemade Raspberry Iced Tea

    Next time you have a summer barbecue or other outdoor gathering, liven it up by serving creative drinks instead of simply soda, beer and juice. A more creative cooling option… Read More

  • What Are the Benefits of Earl Grey Tea?

    Earl Grey is a popular flavor of tea. Named after Lord Charles Grey, second Earl and Prime Minister to King William IV, the tea may have developed when oranges and… Read More

  • How to Become a Tea Distributor

    Tea was discovered in China in 2737 BC. Its popularity spread to Japan, other parts of Asia and Europe, before Peter Stuyvesant introduced it to America in 1650. There are… Read More

  • What Stores Sell Smooth Move Tea?

    Finding the proper amount of fiber for a given day can be a difficult task at times. A simple solution to this problem is to drink herbal teas that are… Read More

  • How to Make Raspberry Tea

    Drinking tea not only is a good way to keep yourself hydrated, but it also is a great way to promote good health. Raspberry tea combines a healthy drink with… Read More

  • Arizona Sweet Tea Ingredients

    Arizona Sweet Tea contains black tea, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavors and vitamin C. Read More

  • Do it Yourself Flavored Loose Tea

    Loose-leaf tea tastes more flavorful than tea placed in bags. Loose-leaf tea lasts for up to two years when stored properly in an airtight container. Many varieties of loose-leaf tea… Read More

  • How Long Does Loose Tea Stay Fresh?

    Tea bags often come in airtight pouches to help ensure freshness, but loose tea depends on proper storage practices to avoid going stale. Most loose teas can remain fresh for… Read More

  • How do I Make Lemon Thyme Tea?

    Lemon thyme is closely related to other thyme varieties including English thyme, but it has a vastly different taste and fragrance. It can be easily grown in a kitchen herb… Read More

  • How Do I Brew Tea Without a Tea Ball?

    A tea ball is a metal ball with tiny holes for holding loose tea leaves to steep. If you don't have a tea ball on hand, it's still easy to… Read More

  • How to Make Kava Tea

    Kava tea is a traditional drink from Polynesia, and according to Tea Benefits, the tea helps reduce stress and promote relaxation, soothe muscle tension, reduce pain and works as an… Read More

  • What are the Health Benefits of Genmaicha Tea?

    Genmaicha, sometimes referred to as Japan's "accidental" tea, is a vegetable-flavored brew known for its high content of antioxidants. The tea is made from an infusion of lower grade green… Read More

  • What Is Twinings Green Tea?

    Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Hundreds of millions of people drink green tea daily for its refreshing quality, mild caffeine perk and wide array of… Read More

  • Health Benefits of Brown Rice Tea

    Brown rice is made when the outermost layer of the rice kernel is removed. Removing only this layer leaves the essential minerals and vitamins contained in the rice kernel intact.… Read More

  • What Are the Benefits of Matcha Powder?

    A premium green tea powder indigenous to Japan, matcha is a complex, astringent-tasting, ground green tea leaf sprinkled into recipes or drinks. These tea leaves are lightly steamed to prevent… Read More

  • Tea Rooms in Birmingham, Alabama

    There are several delightful tea rooms in Birmingham, Alabama. Scattered throughout Alabama’s largest city, these spots are perfect for lunch, afternoon tea, showers or birthday parties. No matter where you… Read More

  • How to Make an Amaretto Tea

    A steaming cup of tea may not always soothe your nerves. Amaretto adds a rich flavor to basic teas. You can serve this tea cocktail in the winter months or… Read More

  • Catnip Tea and Baby Colic

    Colic is a difficult experience for parents who might want to use herbal remedies to soothe their baby. However, it is dangerous to use herbs without professional medical diagnosis. Read More

  • How to Make a Perfect Cup of English Tea

    A popular British custom is drinking tea. Since it is an integral part of the English way of life and has existed for many centuries, there is a traditional etiquette… Read More

  • Eleotin Tea Ingredients

    Eleotin tea is a drink made from a health food formulated by scientists at a diabetes research center at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Eleotin was originally created… Read More

  • How to Make a Pitcher of Tazo Tea

    You can save yourself a significant amount of money by making your own Tazo tea at home instead of purchasing it at a coffee house every day. A single serving… Read More

  • The Best Way to Store Tea Bags

    Tea is a great beverage at any time of the day, and fortunately for lovers of the brew, many varieties are available. It's important, though, to keep tea bags as… Read More

  • Chai Tea Ingredients

    While the word "chai" simply means tea in the Hindi language, many people use it to describe chai masala, black tea flavored with whole spices and (usually) made with milk… Read More

  • How Do They Make Decaf Tea?

    Caffeine is a stimulant naturally occurring in tea, praised by ancient Chinese scholar Hua Tuo for "mak[ing] one think better." Some people, however, may wish to receive the health benefits… Read More

  • How to Make Chai Spice Blend

    Create your own customized chai spice mix for the perfect cup of masala chai, plus three brewing methods. Read More

  • How to Brew Loose-Leaf Iced Tea

    If you want a natural and great-tasting cup of tea, try making your tea with loose leaves. Loose-leaf teas contain whole leaves and larger leaf fragments, while tea bags contain… Read More

  • How to Make Chai Tea Mix in a Jar for Gifts

    The spices in chai tea blends warm the body, making a hot cup of the tea a comforting beverage in crisp weather. Mix your own chai tea blends to package… Read More

  • How to Make Chai Frappuccino at Home

    Spiced tea -- known as "masala chai" in its Indian homeland, or simply "chai" in the U.S. -- wins equally as a warming wintertime beverage or as an iced and… Read More

  • How to Extract Caffeine From Tea

    Caffeine has been proven safe for most people when consumed in moderation, but for health or personal reasons many individuals prefer drinking decaffeinated beverages. Although decaffeinated teas are available at… Read More

  • How to Make Cinnamon Bark Tea

    Infuse hot water with cinnamon sticks and optionally cloves to create your own cinnamon tea. Add lime for a Mexican approach. Read More

  • Tea That Will Help With Sleep

    Certain teas -- including those made from valerian root and chamomile flowers -- may be helpful when it comes to promoting good sleep. Be sure to weigh the pros and… Read More

  • How to Prepare Darjeeling Tea

    Darjeeling tea is as easy to prepare as black, green or herbal tea. Darjeeling is considered to be one of the most precious and exotic flavors of tea, a principal… Read More

  • How to Make Goji Berry Tea

    Goji berries are small berries that when dried resemble raisins. They are extremely sweet, tasting somewhat like a mix between a cranberry and a cherry. They are used in many… Read More

  • How to Make Spiced Weight Loss Tea

    You have probably heard of sassy water - the flavored water that is supposed to help you lose weight. On cold days, a hot cup of tea is what you… Read More

  • Finger Foods at Tea Parties

    You're planning a tea party--good for you! But now that you've picked the tea and the tableware, you're wondering what food you should make. If you're a terribly busy person--and… Read More

  • Manufacturing Process of Tea
  • Tea Rooms in Philadelphia for Kids

    The greater Philadelphia metropolitan area has a rich variety of child-friendly tea rooms, from Victorian-style tea shops to vibrant urban cafes. Many of these tea rooms offer children's menus and… Read More

  • How to Brew Turkish Apple Tea

    Turkish apple tea is one of the most popular beverages in Turkey. Turkish apple tea also goes by the name Elma Cay. If you were to visit Turkey, you would… Read More

  • Brewed Green Tea Vs. Extract

    Green tea is made from a perennial evergreen shrub called camellia sinensis. This shrub is native to many parts of Asia and also produces oolong and black tea. For oolong… Read More

  • Where to Find Hibiscus Tea

    Hibiscus is a fragrant flower that can be made into tea. It is served hot and cold, and is popular in various parts of the world including Latin America, Middle… Read More

  • Benefits of Lemon Green Tea

    Lemon green tea is a type of drink that combines the comfort of sipping green tea with the refreshing, citrus aroma and flavor of lemon. Not only does this combination… Read More

  • How to Make Calendula Tea

    Calendula tea is touted as a natural remedy for various ailments, including stomach ulcers and inflammation. As with many natural remedies, there is little scientific evidence to back up the… Read More

  • How to Make Rose Hip Tea

    Rose hips are the fruit of rose flowers, and are high in vitamin C and vitamin A. They contain a large amount of carotene, similar to what is found in… Read More

  • Where to Buy Tazo Tea

    The Tazo tea brand was founded in 1994 by Steve Smith. He developed his tea blends using an ancient tea recipe found on the Tazo Stone that was unearthed inside… Read More

  • Tea Party Centerpiece Ideas

    The final flourish of the table you set for a tea party is the centerpiece. Tea-themed centerpieces are a good start when you're looking for ideas, such as tucking sweetheart… Read More

  • Instructions for the West Bend Ice Tea Maker

    A tall glass of iced tea is sure to hit the spot on a warm summer day. Of course, you can purchase premade varieties in the store, but making a… Read More

  • The Best Way to Store Loose Tea

    Just like coffee, tea has an expiration date that many people aren't aware of. Depending on how store your tea, it can last up to a month under the right… Read More

  • Where Does Chai Tea Come From?

    Chai means "tea" in Hindi and several other languages. The term is commonly used for a spiced tea brewed with milk, a recipe that originated in India. In recent years,… Read More

  • How Much Caffeine Does Green Tea Contain?

    While green tea contains only a fraction of the caffeine of coffee, it can still improve alertness, energy and concentration. Drinking green tea can also help with high cholesterol, diabetes,… Read More

  • How to Make a Tea Chest

    Once thought of as just a tasty and comforting drink, tea is now credited with several health benefits -- including lowering the risk for some cancers and lowering LDL or… Read More

  • The History of Chai Tea

    Chai originated in India, Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan. The word "chai" is a generic word that means "tea" in those regions. Chai means a spiced tea mixed with milk and… Read More

  • How to Lose Weight with White Tea

    Green Tea has been in the news for a while now, because of its dieting and weight loss benefits, but Green Tea may soon take a back seat to White… Read More

  • Tazo Tea Benefits

    Tea is believed to have a positive impact on many aspects of human health. However, these claims have yet to be proven. Tazo tea is no exception. And while Tazo.com… Read More

  • How to Make Ice Milk Tea

    Iced milk tea is a way of serving tea that originated in Southeast Asia. Creamy and sweet, thick with condensed or evaporated milk and served in tall, frosty glasses with… Read More

  • Blueberry Tea Benefits

    Sweet, juicy blueberries may bring to mind sugary treats like pies and muffins. But when you eat blueberries on their own or brew their leaves for tea, these little berries… Read More

  • What Is Red Tea?

    Red tea, also known as rooibos tea, is made from the antioxidant-rich leaves of the rooibos plant (Aspalathus linearis), an herb native to South Africa. This slightly sweet, mild herbal… Read More

  • Benefits of Brewing Green Tea Cold

    Any tea can be brewed in cold water just as successfully as in hot water. Although cold brewing green tea takes longer, the method has several advantages over traditional hot… Read More

  • What Are the Health Benefits of Ginger Root Tea?

    When your mother had you drink ginger ale when you were sick, it wasn't just to keep fluids in your system. Ginger has long been revered for its medicinal properties,… Read More

  • How to Make Mullein Tea

    The mullein plant has a number of medicinal properties that make it a soothing tea for coughs, sore throats and asthma-related issues. If you have dried mullein leaves, making an… Read More

  • How to Prevent Bitter Tea

    The best way to prevent making bitter tea is start with teas that aren't. Learn more about preventing bitter tasting iced tea with tips from a tea lounge owner in… Read More

  • How to Brew Chai Tea With Milk

    In the strictest sense of the word, "chai" simply means "tea," but outside of India it is commonly used to refer to the spicy, aromatic brew that the Indian subcontinent… Read More

  • How to Make Your Own Tea Bags

    If you love making your own custom tea brews, but hate how a few leaves always end up in your cup, then the solution is simple: Make your own tea… Read More

  • How to Make Green Iced Tea Sweetened with Stevia Recipe

    Stevia is a sweet herb that is Generally Recognized As Safe, GRAS, by the USDA. It is about three to 200 times as sweet as normal sugar. It has other… Read More

  • How to Brew Yerba Mate

    Yerba mate is a popular beverage in South America. According to the Yerba Mate Association of the Americas (YMAA), yerba mate is prepared by steeping the dried, ground leaves from… Read More

  • How to Make Tea With Fresh Herbs

    You can make delicious herbal tea with fresh herbs, citrus peels and spices in a French press or tea basket. Read More

  • How to Make Tea Bags Out of Coffee Filters

    Ever catch yourself looking for that tea ball to make a cup of tea? If you have a paper coffee filter in your kitchen cabinet, you can make your own… Read More

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