Natural Repellent for Chiggers


The warm temperatures of spring and summer provide a haven for chiggers. Though common insect repellents will work on chiggers, a more natural approach can also offer protection and relief from chiggers.


  • Keep your yard mowed and trimmed to prevent chiggers. Avoiding the outdoors during the most probable time of activity for chiggers represents another option. Chiggers typically come out in the afternoons and when the temperature range is between 77 degrees and 86 degrees.


  • Sulfur is a natural way to repel chiggers. Purchase the powdered form of sulfur, sublimed sulfur or flowers of sulfur at local pharmacies. Rub the powder on exposed skin and around any clothing openings, such as pant legs and shirt sleeves.


  • Test the powdered sulfur on a small patch of skin before applying. Some people may find the product irritating. Sulfur gives off an unpleasant odor. Mixing the powdered sulfur with equal parts of talcum powder may help limit the odor.

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