What Is That Red Thing Stuffed in the Middle of a Green Olive?


The red thing stuffed in the middle of an olive is simply a piece of a fruit similar to a bell pepper called a pimento.


  • Also called pimiento in Spanish, the pimento is a variety of mild red chili similar to the bell pepper. The roughly heart-shaped pepper is about three to four inches long and about two to three inches wide. It is considered sweeter than a standard bell pepper.


  • Pimentos can be used fresh or pickled. They are an ingredient in pimento cheese, pimento loaf (a type of lunch meat) and prepared Spanish green olives.


  • Originally cooks would cut the pimentos into cubes and stuff them by hand into pitted olives as a complement to the olive's strong taste. In modern production facilities, the cut-up pimento is stuffed by a pitting and stuffing machine. The pimento is sometimes pureed and reconstituted as a gel.

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