Uses for Rubbing Alcohol


Not to be confused with ethyl (drinking) alcohol, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) is a household product that has many uses. It is an inexpensive solution to some of life's common problems.


  • Rubbing alcohol is used to clean and sterilize wounds, helping to speed the healing process.


  • Rubbing alcohol can be used to sterilize makeup brushes by diluting two parts alcohol to one part water, spraying the solution on the brushes, then rinsing them off with soap and water.


  • Rubbing alcohol is strong enough to kill fruit flies, but it is not as poisonous as bug spray. Spraying these pests with alcohol will get rid of them.

Car Frost

  • Rubbing alcohol can quickly dissolve frost on a car windshield in the winter.


  • Wiping down leather shoes with rubbing alcohol loosens them up. The alcohol will also help your feet mold to the shoe.

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