The Effects of Eating Coffee Beans

There are many reasons people drink coffee regularly. Coffee has been known for centuries to induce talkativeness, alertness and creativity. Sprinkling crushed beans over ice cream or having a few handfuls of chocolate-covered coffee beans in one sitting is not going to turn you into a caffeine addict or make you sick. However, eating coffee beans whole is the purest form of allowing caffeine to enter the bloodstream and can have negative effects in large doses or if eaten on a consistent basis.

  1. Stomach

    • Coffee has a high acidity level. Eating coffee beans regularly can lead to stomach pains.

    Hot Flashes

    • Hot flashes over the entire body may result from eating coffee beans. Caffeine makes your body think that it has more energy, so you feel like you need to burn it off. Thus, the body crashes because it thinks the energy supply is low.

    Loss of Motor Ability

    • The loss of motor skills or the inability to do normal tasks can happen when too many coffee beans are eaten. It's easy to overdose on coffee beans because of their high concentration of caffeine.


    • Symptoms of exhaustion, fatigue, fever and an increased heart rate can occur with when high doses of caffeine are consumed from coffee beans. Also, once there has been a loss of motor ability, nausea and fatigue may follow.


    • People who don't normally drink coffee and have other risk factors for heart disease may increase their risk of a heart attack if they drink too much coffee. If caffeine or alertness is desired, drinking coffee alternatives like yerba maté or other teas can help.

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