Closet Cleaning 101: Tips for Organizing Your Linens


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I’ve lived with a dirty little secret most of my life. It’s called my linen closet. In all honesty, it deserves an uglier name than that. “Train wreck” or “out of sight, out of mind,” would be much more appropriate terms. Because I live in a small home and do not have a lot of closet space, I’ve made a habit of shoving linens in the closet (along with a few other items) without any kind of organization whatsoever. There is absolutely no method to my madness — there’s just madness! When I was asked to join the Ziploc® Fresh 180 challenge, “Closet Cleaning 101: Tips for Organizing Your Linens,” I decided that it was finally time to give my linen closet some much-needed attention.

Step One: Empty the Closet

I started by completely emptying the closet and cleaning all the shelves. There’s something very therapeutic about seeing a messy closet look brand new. If you’re able to paint your closet, go for it! Choosing a different color will make it seem even more like you’re giving your closet a new beginning. I also recommend buying (or making) a few lavender sachets and securing them to the inside walls of the closet. They gave my linens a natural, fresh scent.

Step Two: Purge Unnecessary Items
After you empty your closet, add back only what you really need. I was actually surprised by some of the items I discovered. I found several sets of old bedsheets that were either out of style or torn. I hadn’t used them in years, but yet there they were taking up what little space I had. One good question to ask yourself is whether you have used an item in the past year. If not, you can get rid of it. Trust me, with that mindset, you’ll free yourself of unnecessary stuff that is doing nothing but adding clutter to your closet — and to your life. You might even find random items that don’t really belong in the linen closet. Either find a new place for them, or if you want to keep them in the closet, organize them in Ziploc® brand Space Bags® or Flexible Totes so that they’re all in one place and easy to locate. Any item I stored in Ziploc® brand Space Bags® or Flexible Totes, I labeled clearly so there wouldn’t be any guessing as to what it is.

Step Three: Fill It Back Up
After your closet is emptied and clean, it’s time to put back the items that you decided are worth keeping. But don’t just toss your stuff back in the closet randomly. Put the things you use most often in the most accessible space possible and organize each group of things in a manageable way.

Store bedsheets in their matching pillowcases. This way, instead of having a bunch of random sheets stacked on top of each other and then having to dig through them to find the rest of the matching set, the entire set will always be in one place. This is not only extremely convenient but also gives your closet a neat, orderly look.

If your space is limited, don’t store bigger items, such as comforters, thick blankets or beach towels (that you probably only use a few months out of the year), in your linen closet. Instead, store them under your bed. Because I have a very low bed and plastic containers or bins do not fit under it, I found Ziploc® brand Space Bags® to be the perfect solution. I filled them with all my bulkier items — and the bags fit perfectly under my low bed. These bags have really helped me take full advantage of small storage spaces that were previously being wasted.

What seemed like an overwhelming task that would take days to accomplish actually took less than a few hours. Don’t fear your messy, unorganized linen closet. Attack it and finally tame it!

Disclaimer: I was paid to develop this post and to provide related images for Ziploc®. As always, all opinions are my own.

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