4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Linen Closet


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You know with everything in our lives, the bigger the space, the more space you have to junk up.

Take for example your purse. I love my big hand bags, but I know the bigger the bag the more stuff I will cram into it. The same holds true of any space in my home—and the linen closet is no exception. My linen closet is actually a series of cupboards that span from one hallway to another.

Until now, I have loathed that square footage.  Cringing during every passing of it, at the hidden embarrassment it represents. I was asked to put my organizational skills to the test by attempting a challenge from the Ziploc® Fresh 180 campaign and here’s how I went from loathe to love.

Remember the First Time You Met

The day you moved into your home, you fell in love with the ample storage and clean spaces. Remember how excited you were to organize those beautiful empty shelves.  Get back those loving feelings by emptying the shelves, and wiping the surfaces clean.  Then create piles that you will keep or donate. (Spread the love and donate clean unwanted linens to local shelters.) Add some scented shelf paper and it is like the first time you ever laid eyes on it—spacious perfection.

Lose the “Got Lazy and Comfortable” Weight

It’s easy to use the linen closet as the go-to for all of your hide-it-away items, like space-dominating fluffy blankets and comforters. Make better use of that space by storing the bulky goods in Ziploc® brand Space Bags®. Simply stack those thin, space saving bags and just like that, your closet becomes better fitting and looks fabulous.

New Rules of Affection

To show your closet the love it deserves, try some new ways of showing it you care. After a fresh cleaning, store sheet sets, along with a scented dryer sheet, in Ziploc® brand big bags, sealed tight and smelling fresh until the next change. When unexpected company arrives, no more scrambling to put together a clean set of matching sheets. Like a fine wine, keep the good stuff on the top shelf so little hands can’t reach, leaving the kid and dog-friendly towels and blankets on lower shelves for easy access.


Don’t ask your closet to change too much, it’s not fair. And, realize that the small, I-don’t-know-where-to-store-these items may end up in the linen closet and that it’s OK. Just use Ziploc® brand storage bags to sort and label like items. It’s easy to fall in love with your closet all over again if you set realistic expectations and embrace all that makes your closet unique.

Disclaimer: I was paid to develop this post and to provide related images for Ziploc®. As always, all opinions are my own.


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