Interior Decorating for Spas

Rich woods add to an air of elegance.
Rich woods add to an air of elegance. (Image: Design Pics/Tomas del Amo/Design Pics/Getty Images)

Both home and commercial spas should convey a sense of soothing, warm relaxation and personal indulgence. From the color scheme to amenities, well-planned interior decorating can help set the mood for a pampering experience.

Create a Soothing Ambiance

Spa guests should begin to feel the world melt away when they walk through your doors. Create a tranquil environment that begins with décor elements your guests see as soon as they enter your establishment. Install a wall-mounted waterfall feature; add candles or scent warmers on the reception table and fresh flowers in the entry. Play soft music or nature sounds to reduce stress levels and help guests feel they’re entering a new realm.

Use Color, Light and Texture

Use muted, light water tones for your walls, such as pale blues or greens blended with creams for a clean yet relaxed look. Employ sconce wall lighting to provide ambient light that isn’t glaring or overwhelming. Dark, shiny hardwood floors with fluffy, cushioned rugs add to a feel of elegance and are practical for cleaning and maintaining a healthy environment. Lush live foliage also adds a natural feel to the overall décor, as do over-stuffed cotton-covered chairs and bamboo-accented tables.

Make Displays Appealing

Use over-sized hand-woven baskets to store towels and products for guest use and glass beverage canisters on marble tables for complementary water. Strategically place merchandise in ways that add to your décor while encouraging sales. For example, group like items in miniature displays on antique or wrought-iron display stands and place them in areas customers are likely to linger, such as the changing room, reception area or meditation room. Use clean-colored silk fabrics as backdrops to suggest elegance and indulgence.

Pamper Yourself at Home

Turn your bathroom into a spa by incorporating favorite elements from ritzy commercial spas. Blend redecorating efforts with light remodeling to get your desired look and feel. Change out linoleum for luxurious tile or marble with under-floor radiant heat coils. Install a whirlpool bath or sauna or add towel-warming racks or a gas fireplace to your bath. Install waterproof speakers to pipe in your favorite meditative music, and use oil infusers or candles to add to your overall experience. Buy thick, Egyptian cotton towels and robes to complete the pampering, and if there’s room, install a comfortable reclining chair.

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