Safety of Wax Tart Burners and Votive Candles


Wax tart burners with a tea light can create a wonderful scent throughout your home. Wax tarts melt more quickly than candles and do not produce smoke. The burner is a scent-distributing apparatus with a lit flame, and caution should be used when burning wax tarts. Use a tea light instead of a votive candle in your wax tart burner to safely distribute scent in your home.


  • Wax tart burners use tea lights instead of votive candles to heat the wax tart. The tea light is lit and placed in a compartment beneath the wax tart platform. The wax tart is placed on the burner platform, and the tea light heats up the wax tart to spread its scent. The tea light flame should be about 2 inches away from the wax tart platform bottom. The wax tart provides an average of 8 hours of scent.

Votive Candles vs. Tea Lights

  • Votive candles are larger than tea lights, some being rated to burn for 10 or 15 hours at a time. Votive candles should be burned in a votive holder that fits snugly around the candle so that the melted wax is absorbed by the wick. Votive candles are not meant to be used with a wax tart burner because they do not fit properly within the burner, burn too hotly and may cause a fire or crack the wax tart burner.

    Unscented tea lights burn for about 4 to 6 hours and do not overheat the wax tart. Non-electric wax tart burners are made specifically for use with tea lights. Use a metal-jacketed tea light to contain the wax, preventing spillage that may cause a fire.

Changing Tarts and Votive Candles

  • Blow out the tea light, and let it cool before you change a tart or tea light to prevent burns. Make sure that the wax tart burner is cool to the touch before you move it. Let the wax tart cool, and then slide it off the burner. Remove the tea light, light a new one and place it in the tea light compartment. Remove the plastic on the wax tart, and put it on the burner platform.


  • Votive candles sliced in half do not make safe tea lights. The flame may burn too close to the bottom of the wax tart platform, overheating it and causing a fire hazard. The melted wax from the cut votive can also cause a fire hazard by spilling. You cannot add water to a burning wax tart to slow the burning process down. Adding water to hot wax can make it splatter and cause burns. You also cannot burn scented oil in a wax tart burner with a votive candle because the oil may catch on fire.


  • Place your wax tart burner on a level surface away from flammable objects and where you can see it. Keep it away from drafts and children and pets who may knock it over. Putting your wax tart burner in the freezer to harden the wax tarts when you are done using it may crack the wax tart burner. Do not use the burner if it is cracked, as the wax tart can drip onto the lit tea light candle, causing a fire.

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