Custodial Manager Job Description

Custodial managers are in charge of an entire team of cleaning personnel. They oversee the cleanliness of their location or various locations. A custodial manager's job is vital because they are responsible in coordinating the efforts of their team efficiently and effectively.

  1. Description

    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics says custodial managers supervise work activities of housekeeping and and janitorial employees. They work within hotels, offices, hospitals and other establishments. When necessary, they assist with cleaning duties. As a supervisor, they may also be in charge of planning their employees' work schedules. They also coordinate activities. They instruct staff on procedures and policies and train them with the use of equipment. Janitor managers that work in a hospital direct the work that stops the spread of infection in medical facilities.

    Environment and Hours

    • Janitorial managers typically work 40 hours per week, the BLS says. Cleaning workers typically work during the evenings when office buildings are cleared. Some janitorial managers work during the day at schools or hospitals. Depending on their employer, there can be a need for 24-hour maintenance, which is when janitors are assigned to shifts. They typically work indoors and sometimes outdoors when taking out trash or sweeping walkways. Some tasks are considered unpleasant to most, such as cleaning bathrooms and trash rooms. They may be prone to cuts or bruises because of equipment. They also may need to do heavy lifting and may be on their feet for long periods.

    Education and Training

    • Janitorial managers typically began as janitors and eventually gained enough experience to advance into a manager position, the BLS says. The International Executive Housekeepers Association offers two types of certification. Registered executive housekeepers is a certification that few cleaning managers have attained. This certification is offered only to those with a four-year college degree who have passed certification examinations. This position allows cleaning managers to oversee the cleaning services of entire hospitals, hotels, casinos and more. Another certification that only requires a high school education is a certified executive housekeeper.

    Other Qualifications

    • The BLS says cleaning managers have leadership and communication skills. Employers look for dependable and hardworking individuals.


    • According to a May 2008 BLS report, the median hourly wage of a custodial manager was $16.34, and the median annual wage was $33,980. The national employment as of 2006 was 282,000 employees. From 2006 through 2016, the projected employment growth is 7 percent to 13 percent, the BLS says.

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