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Pregnancy games online can be an entertaining way to occupy your time during those long nine months of pregnancy. Many online games require no purchase or registration to play. Some of these games are educational, helping to prepare you for the arrival of your baby, while others are just good for a few laughs.

Dress Up

  • This fashion game ( is fun because you can create your own pregnant character, customizing features like hair and eye color to match your own. Then you can dress the character up in different maternity fashions. You can try on stylish jeans, flowing skirts or flirty dresses. You can coordinate shoes and accessories like purses and earrings to match each outfit.

Virtual Labor

  • Playing the virtual labor game ( gives you an opportunity to practice for the real delivery. After your labor begins in the game, you are asked to make decisions that will affect how your labor will progress. You can choose if you will have a home birth or if you will use a birthing center. You can also choose how soon you go to the birthing center and what position you want to be in when you push. After you finish the game, you can record what you learned on a questionnaire. You can play the game multiple times, trying out different techniques each time.

Baby Sign Racer

  • Baby Sign Racer ( is a great game to play to test your baby sign skills. If you haven't learned baby signs, you can study the baby sign language dictionary on the website before you play. To play the game, you must match baby sign words to their corresponding baby sign animations. The goal is to match all the words to their signs in the fastest amount of time.

Baby Yum

  • The Baby Yum game ( aims to prepare you for your busy life as a parent. You must quickly move baby to different positions on the screen in order to feed baby first from a bottle, then from a cup and finally from a spoon. The more drops of food you catch, the faster they flow. If three drops in a row fall on the ground, the game is over.

Peepee Teepee Launcher

  • The Peepee Teepee Launcher ( is a game that will have you giggling as you play. In the game, you are the baby on the changing table who is trying to grab mommy's attention. Mommy is busy talking on the phone with her back to the baby. You must aim and launch your peepee teepee at mommy to get her attention. Landing the peepee teepee in mommy's hair garners the most points. Each time you successfully hit mommy, she moves to a different position. One game is only one minute long.


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