Hardwood Flooring Vs. Carpet


Having the right flooring in a home can be the difference between a house that sells easily and one that won't sell at all. Hardwood flooring and carpet both have advantages and disadvantages. Combining the two may be the most effective solution.

Advanages of Hardwood Flooring

  • Hardwood flooring is in style and having it increases the value of the home.

    Wood floors are easy to maintain. A little sweeping and mopping keeps hardwood floors looking great. This makes it ideal for those who have children and pets, as liquids tend to get spilled quite often.

    Hardwood floors are timeless and appropriate for both traditional and modern decor. They also are durable; if they become scratched, damaged or dulled, they can be sanded and buffed an unlimited number of times.

Disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring

  • Hardwood flooring is expensive. The wood is costly and so is the labor to install them. Refinishing hardwood floors when they become dull adds another expense.

    When walking across hardwood flooring, there is no sneaking around. The sound of high heels or heavy shoes or boots echoes throughout the home.

    Hardwood flooring is not suitable for every area of the home. In such as areas as laundry rooms and bathrooms, standing water could collect and discolor the wood. Hardwood floors may be cold in the winter, so you may have to buy area rugs.

Advantages of Carpet

  • Carpet feels soft, warm and cozy on bare feet. Available in every color, carpeting offers styles and textures to accommodate every taste.

    When carpet becomes worn out or stained, fresh carpeting can be installed. Installing new carpeting can make an old house look like new again.

Disadvantages of Carpet

  • Prospective buyers are more likely to purchase a home if the carpeting is in great shape. The buyer may not be willing to take on the cost of replacement carpeting if it is worn or stained or doesn't match his taste.

    Carpeting gets dirty and stained easily. Having a carpet cleaner at home almost becomes a necessity with a family and pets.

    Carpet fibers trap allergens, which may cause problems for those with asthma or allergies.

Combining the Two

  • Perhaps the most effective solution is to combine the use of hardwood flooring and carpets. Install hardwood flooring in areas with a lot of traffic, such as the kitchen, living room and hallways. Use carpeting in the bedrooms.

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